15 Clever Beach Tips and Tricks

Who doesn’t love to visit the beach in the summer?  For many families who live in or near coastal states, it’s an annual tradition.  For others, man-made beaches at lakes are just as good!  Here are some amazing tried and true beach tips and tricks:

Beach Pool - Beach Tips1.  Have a toddler?  Grab a mini plastic baby pool to allow babies and toddlers to stay safe during water play.  The mini hard plastic pools can also be used to carry beach items.  Of you can find an inflatable pool for under $10 that can easy slide into your beach bag.

Beach Baby Bed - Beach Tips2.  Dig a large hole in the sand and cover it with soft towels and blankets.  This makes a nice little napping spot for babies!  *Idea from Kelly’s Korner.

Waterproof Tatoos3.  These Waterproof Safety Tattoos are a must-have for taking children anywhere this summer where it be the beach or a water park.  Buy them HERE.

Baby Powder - Beach Tips4.  Don’t you hate it when sand covers EVERYTHING at the beach!  Make sure you have a container of baby powder or cornstarch on hand.  Before everyone gets into the car, sprinkle either product on sand covered arms and legs.  Baby powder and corn starch absorb the moisture in the sand making it easier to brush off!

Homemade Sand Castle Kit - Beach Tips5.  Instead of buying beach toys, create your own Sandcastle Kit using household and kitchen gadgets.  Check out the details HERE.

Drink holder - Beach tips6.  This DIY Outdoor Drink Holder is a genius idea for keeping sand off water bottles and even baby bottles!  Find the tutorial HERE.

Cupcake Holder for Popsicle - Beach Tips7.  Cut a small hole in a cupcake wrapper and slip the Popsicle stick through.  This creates a nice no-drip Popsicle holder. *photo credit: ziplock.com.


DIY Medicine Bottle Container - Beach Tips8. Easily carry and waterproof your beach cash with this DIY Medicine Bottle Money Holder.  Find the tutorial HERE.

Money Holder - Beach Tips  9.  Use an old tube on chapstick or a marker to hide your dollar bills.  You can also clean out an old bottle of sunscreen and use that to hide your cash and your keys.  *photo credit: instructables.com.

Snack Containers - Beach Tips10.  Reuse Coffemate and other snap open bottles as easy snack containers.  *photo credit: mrshappyhomemaker.com

Mesh Bag - Beach Tips11.  Use a mesh laundry bag to pop-up mesh basket for carrying sand beach toys, clothes, and swimsuits.  *photo credit: theideasroom..com

Beach Tent - Beach Tips12.  Make your own beach tent with this DIY Tutorial HERE. 

POcket Beach Towel - Beach Tips13.  Easily make your own pocket beach towel with this tutorial HERE.

Scarf Beach Coverup - Beach Tips14.  Turn a scarf into a beach cover-up!  Find out how HERE.

water balloons - beach tips15.  Take a break from swimming and enjoy there fun Water Balloon Games HERE. 

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  1. Michelle says

    I hate to be “that guy” but my family has a beach house at a popular vacation spot and we frequently find broken balloons on the beach. If you play with the balloons PLEASE pick up the pieces! We have so many animals eating them and dying! Sorry I had to be the Debbue Downer!

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