18 Awesome Freebies at Disney Parks

Freebies at Disney Parks

Sure vacations can be pretty pricey.  However there are MANY ways to save money without taking away the quality of your vacation.  In fact, sometimes goes out of their way to make your vacation better with these :

All Disney Park Guests

  • FREE park maps.  There are available in several languages and can be found when you walk into any park.
  • FREE celebratory buttons.  These buttons are for special occasions like: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Family Reunions, First Visits, and Honeymoons.  They can be found at the customer service desk.  If a Disney character sees you wearing one, they will treat you extra-special.
  • FREE stickers.  Cast members and greeters are always passing out stickers.  What kid doesn’t love stickers?
  • FREE autographs.  Take a little notebook with you so the kiddos can get autographs from all of their favorite Disney characters.
  • FREE photographer.  Photopass cast members will gladly take a photo of your family with your own camera if you ask.
  • FREE live shows.  They happen all over all of the parks.  Some of theater style and others are street shows.
  • FREE fireworks.  Check the schedule for the nightly fireworks show at The Magic Kingdom.
  • FREE snack samples.  Check out Main Street USA in The Magic Kingdom for free candy samples.
  • FREE Pixie Dust.  The Harmony Barber Shop (Main Street USA) and Castle Couture in Fantasyland will sprinkle sparkly hair confetti on your child’s hair for free.
  • FREE water.  No need to pay for bottled water.  Simply go up to any food service counter and ask for a free cup of ice water.
  • FREE baby care centers.  All parks contain areas where you can privately nurse and rock you baby, change them, and even feed them in a high chair.  There are microwaves, refrigerators, and sinks too.  Plus, if there is an emergency, you can purchase extra clothes, food, diapers, formula, over the counter medicines, etc.
  • FREE meals for kids under 3.  This includes any buffets and family style restaurants.
  • FREE resort hopping.  You don’t have to stay at a resort to enjoy the sites, shops, and restaurants.

Disney Fireworks

Resort Guests

  • FREE shuttle to and from airport.  Also, with special tags attached to your luggage, they will pick up and deliver your luggage directly to your room!  Be sure to check with the hotel and get the details before you begin your vacation.
  • FREE parking at Disney parks for resort guests.  That can save you a lot of money right there!  You can also get a shuttle from your resort hotel to the parks so unless your plans take you to to another area, you may not even need to rent a car at all!
  • FREE package delivery. When you purchase a souvenir, you won’t have to carry it all over the park. Instead you can have it sent to your room.
  • FREE Disney Magic Band.  You wear it on your wrist and it can link up with your credit card so you can buy food and merchandise.  It can also be used as a room key and can be used as a Fast-Pass allowing you access for your package benefits previously selected online.  You also get to keep it when you leave so it’s a nice souvenir.
  • FREE resort activities.  Specific resorts will have themed activity nights like sing-a-longs and movies under the stars.  Check with your resort for the activities and schedules.

As you get ready for your next Disney vacation.  Be sure to check out these amazing resources for saving money on your trip:

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