19+ Uses for Old Tissue Boxes

19+ Uses for Old Tissue Boxes

Unfortunately cold and flu season is coming up.  Our household can easily use one or two tissue boxes a week.  That’s a lot of garbage piling up!  Before throwing your boxes in the trash, consider some of these uses for tissue boxes:

  • Store plastic grocery bags rather than just letting them scatter under your kitchen sink they way I have previously been storing them.
  • Use the boxes to store receipts and other notes, business cards or small papers that tend to get lost in a drawer.
  • Store your dryer lint in tissue boxes to use as fire starter for a wood burning stove or campfire.
  • Cut off the top of a rectangular box to make an easy recipe card holder.
  • Keep small dog or cat toys organized (would not use for puppies because they will just chew it up).
  • Cut the tops off the tissue boxes and glue a couple together to make drawer organizers.  You can organize jewelry, socks, office supplies, more.
  • The square tissue boxes make great crayon and marker holders for your kids.  Four of them glue together makes a great craft center.
  • Keep a couple nearby while sewing or crafting to keep or dispose of scraps.
  • Use tissue boxes as mini trash bins for your car.  Here are some of our best travel tips. 
  • Use the long rectangular tissue boxes for storing earbuds and cellphone chargers in the car.
  • Cut off the top and cover with scrapbook paper (or glue fabric).  Add small scraps of fabric, washcloths, or scarves to make a tiny doll bed.
  • Keep birthday cards, post cards and photos safe in a regtangular tissue box with the top cut off.  Then you can safely store it in a drawer or a box.
  • Reuse the pretty designed tissue boxes to make gift tags.
  • Use them for drawings at fundraisers.  They also work well for Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchanges.
  • Make cute Valentine’s Mailboxes (great idea for teachers!)
  • Create easy gift boxes by cutting off the top of the box and covering it in wrapping paper.  Place the gift inside and cover it with tissue paper.  It’s a nice alternative to a gift bag for a small or fragile gift.
  • Cut the top off a square tissue box and cover it in red and white checkered fabric.  Then use it to hold plastic utensils at a backyard barbeque or picnic.
  • Make bookmarks by cutting the tissue boxes into 1×4 inch rectangles.  The cut a whole in the top left corner and tie a ribbon at the top.  You can even cover the other side with paper and stickers (the kids will enjoy helping with that project).
  • There are several ways that you can reuse tissue boxes as decor around your without people even realizing they are actually looking at tissue boxes!  Check out these cool ideas.
  • Kids LOVE crafts!  The sky is the limit when it comes to uses for tissue boxes.  Here are just some fun ideas.  Feel free to add your own ideas and/or photos.

Have some of your own great uses for tissue boxes? Share your ideas HERE.


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