20+ Easter Crafts

easter crafts


Here are 20+ Easter Crafts that are super cute to make! You can make them for yourself, for your kids Easter baskets or for other friends and family. Some are so simple that kids are able to make them on their own.

easter craftsEaster Crafts: Kids Handprint Lilies

This craft is so precious because the white flower part is actually your childs handprint.

easter craftsEaster Crafts: Felt Peeps

Slip a note, cash, or treat into the felt Peep bunny’s arms!

easter craftEaster Craft: Spring Chick

This craft is ideal for preschool age children because it gives them practice using a scissors.

easter craftEaster Craft: Resurrection Eggs

12 plastic eggs each contain a symbol of the events leading up to the Resurrection of Christ, as well as a short description and a scripture reference.

easter craftsEaster Crafts: Marshmallow Peeps Wreath

From start to finish this craft takes about 10-15 minutes.

easter craftsEaster Crafts: Spring Lamb

This little lamb craft is three-dimensional and stand up on its own.

easter craftsEaster Crafts: Marshmallow Easter Peeps Tree

The supplies needed for this craft can be found at your local Dollar Store and the branch from your own backyard keeping the cost way down.

easter craftsEaster Crafts: Puffy Tissue Paper Easter Egg

This fun Easter craft can be done with kids of all ages and it lets them get creative with the colors of their egg.

easter craftsEaster Crafts: Felt Peeps Chick

Cheep, Cheep – This Easter Peep chick is easy and frugal to make as it is made out of felt and sewn by hand.

easter craftsEaster Crafts: Fabric Easter Eggs and Recycled Bird’s Nest

These adorable Easter eggs are made out of scrap fabric and a little polyfill, while the bird’s nest is made out of recycled paper bag and glue.

easter craftsEaster Crafts: Homemade Cascarones: Confetti Eggs

This Mexican tradition involves crushing a confetti-filled egg over someone’s head to celebrate.  They are used for birthdays, weddings, and Easter!

easter craftsEaster Crafts: Photo Craft-Puffy Tissue Paper Easter Basket

This craft would be adorable to make for grandparents!

easter craftsEaster Crafts: Marshmallow Peeps Centerpiece

You can make this cute Easter centerpiece for less than $10.

easter craftsEaster Crafts: Hippity Hoppity Carrot

This craft is easy, cheap and fun to make and most of the supplies you already have at home.

easter craftsEaster Crafts: Easter Bunny Envelope Treat Holders

This bunny treat holder would be so cute to make for your neighbors and insert a little something to show appreciation for them this Easter season.

easter craftsEaster Crafts: Fuzzy Baby Chick

This project cost next-to-nothing with supplies already found at home.

easter craftsEaster Crafts: Sugar Coated Easter Eggs

Start a new craft tradition with this Easter egg project!

easter craftsEaster Crafts: Easter Egg Pinata

You can make an Easter Egg Piñata for under $5 using a large balloon, candy, tissue paper and some things you probably already have around the house.

easter craftsEaster Crafts: Plastic Bag Bunny (Instructions on page 7)

This super-cheap project consists of using 3 supply items, black sharpie marker, plastic shopping bags and a couple of rubber bands.

easter crafts Easter Crafts: Jelly Bean Vase (Instructions on page 10)

The secret to keeping the jelly beans dry is the vase in the middle.

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