21 Day Fix: Eating, Exercising, and Hydration


As I you can see in my personal 21 Day Fix Meal Plan, it’s a lot of food!  It’s been warm here in PA. I’m talking about 90 degrees through Thursday.  I tend to eat a lot less and I can’t eat all of that food!  I’m just not that hungry.  Plus healthy food make you fuller, longer.  I actually wondered if I should go down a calorie bracket (I’m current 1500-1799 calories per day).  The general consensus from those who have done this before is that I should stick with it because I’ll get hungrier.  They are correct.  As the weather gets colder I always get hungrier.  My biggest goal is to make sure I eat all of my greens (vegetables), reds (proteins), and purples (fruit).  I also need to makes sure I get my Shakeology because the nutrition is important.

BTW, the picture above is a photo of my dehydrated bananas.  I bought that dehydrator for $20 years ago.  There are 4 trays.  They were marking down a bunch of bananas at the grocery store so I grabbed them, sliced them, and dehydrated them overnight.  I LOVE homemade banana chips.  They are crunchy, chewy, and taste like candy!

The exercise is going ok. I did bomb yesterday because of a last minute job interview during my set workout time.  I’m still doing the modified versions of the PLYO workout.  I do hope to get stronger and to be able to do the full set exactly how Autumn does it.  I really do like it.  It timed so you do an exercise for a set amount of seconds at your own place so there isn’t a pressure to get a certain number of repetitions done.  It makes me feel much more confident.

Water, water, water!  It’s hot so drinking is not a problem.  80 ounces still seems like a huge amount to me but 64 oz is doable.  I don’t like water but I have been using unsweetened herbal tea.  Basically it’s flavored water with not sugar. I did try infusing some with fruit, but I realize that I like it plain.  You just have to do what works for you.

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