50+ Non-Food Stocking Stuffers for Tweens and Teens

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Once kits get into a certain age, they are kind of hard to impress.  Heaven forbid you get them something they view as “babyish” yet they are still kids and like to have fun.  Here are some stocking stuffer ideas for your teens and tweens.

for Girls

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Cupcake Manicure Set:  Girls that love fancy nails will love this cute pocket size manicure set.

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Set of Hair Chalk:  These temporary hair colors are fun for teen and tween girls.

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5 Pairs of Novelty Socks:  These cute socks fit women shoe size 5-10.  Girls love any fun socks.

Stocking Stuffers for Boys

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Marvel Button Pins:  These fun pins can easily personalize any backpack.

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Star Wars Mug:  Hot chocolate tastes better in a fun mug.

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Iron Man Flash Drive:  School work can be a just a little fun with this flash drive.  As an extra bonus, the eyes light up when it’s plugged into a computer.

More Stocking Stuffers Ideas for Both Boys and Girls

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Origami Sticky Notes:  Forget doodling, try origami instead!

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Touch Screen Gloves:  These gloves are designed for use of any touch screen on a tablet or phone.  They are available in several colors and patterns.

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Harry Potter Inspired Hogwarts Keychain:  Harry Potter fans will love this stocking stuffer idea.

  • gift cards
  • movies tickets
  • video game
  • sports memorabilia (pens, key chains, etc)
  • Rubiks cube
  • silly putty
  • paperback book
  • comic book
  • notepad
  • journal
  • mechanical pencils
  • nice pen
  • sharpies
  • designer duct tape
  • other craft supplies
  • novelty erasers
  • chapstick
  • shower gel
  • dental floss
  • toothbrush
  • hand sanitizer
  • dvd
  • travel game
  • deck of cards
  • magnets
  • decals and patches
  • mug
  • water bottle
  • cozy socks
  • gloves
  • hat
  • scarf
  • wallet
  • fun socks
  • sunglasses
  • earbuds
  • phone case
  • flash drive
  • stylus pen
  • mini flashlight
  • pocket knife
  • glow sticks

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