7-Day Frugal Clean Eating Challenge

Frugal Clean Eating ChallengeJoin the 7-Day Frugal Clean Eating

Many of you may not be sure what Clean Eating really means.  With all the and nutrition buzzwords out there, it can definitely be confusing.  Most people agree that Clean Eating at its most basic definition means eliminating processed foods, additives, preservatives and artificial sugars from their diet.  Basically, you’re eating whole, unrefined foods.  Since you’re avoiding anything that has been altered in any way, your diet will be filled with whole grains, fruits, veggies and other wholesome, nutritious foods.  A common misconception is that these foods are expensive.  I beg to differ.

7-Day Clean Eating Challenge

Mommysavers and Beach Ready Now (my new wellness blog) will hosting a Clean Eating Challenge and private accountability group.

  • Our NEXT 7-Day Clean Eating Challenge Group runs from August 11th-17th.
    • I have TWO requirements for joining the 7-Day Clean Eating Challenge: The first is participation.  No lurking allowed!  You must participate in the daily check-ins and assignments.  The time required is minimal, but follow-through is mandatory.  Also, join me on the Beach Body site that’s hosting the challenge. You can sign up for a FREE Team Beachbody Membership by clicking on mythe page link HERE.
    • Once you’ve done this, please let me know by commenting below and I’ll add you to list when the challenge begins.
    • Be sure to sign up for our Daily Dose of Motivation emails to get updates on clean eating and recipes you can use at home. Looking forward to having you with us!



  1. Jennifer Rickard says

    I signed up. When does the challenge begin- just wanting to make sure i’m prepared with my groceries. Thanks!

  2. Ninis says

    I already had a membership through another email address after purchasing 2 workout plans. I haven’t been using them but now I’m more motivated! Thank you for using Aldi. That is my #1 grocery store!

    • Kimberly Danger says

      Did you sign up for a new account then? If you’d rather switch your coach I can give you info on how to do that too.

    • Kimberly Danger says

      Hi Val! Make sure you sign up for a free Beachbody account to get added to our private accountability group.

  3. Denise says

    I got the Facebook group add link but haven’t been accepted yet 🙁 I also joined the beach body acct but not sure what to do from here.

  4. Robyn says

    I already have a BB account but would like to join the group! I have not been on team BB for a long time.

    • Kimberly Danger says

      Hi Robyn – To join, I’d just ask that you list me as your coach. Just contact Beachbody customer relations and tell them that I am your coach. Their phone number is: 1 (800) 998-1681 or fill out their online customer service form (https://beachbody.custhelp.com/app/ask). Tell them you want your coach to be Kim Danger (coach ID 365278).

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