Creating Festive Winter Tablescapes on a Thrift Store Budget

Creating Festive Tablescapes on a Thrift Store

Creating a lovely winter tablescape doesn’t have to be difficult or even expensive. In fact, you can shop your local Goodwill and use things around your house to create beautiful table settings on any budget. Here are some easy tips:

Goodwill tablescapes - plates

Start with Festive Plates

Goodwill has an abundant supply of holiday plates, bowls and dishes this time of year.  Even if that’s all you purchase, serving pieces add a lot of holiday spirit to your tablescape.  I found some cute snowman plates that will look festive even into January.  Pay attention to the color of stickers they have on them, because it’s likely some of them are on sale.  The set I purchased had yellow tags, so they were half price.  I got the an entire set of six dinner plates and salad plates for under $10!

accent pieces

Look for Coordinating Accent Pieces

Thrift stores are stocked with platters, candle sticks and tidbit trays in coordinating metallic tones.  Silver is a great accent color for the winter.  I even found some glasses with silver trim around the edges.  Their uniform color makes them look like a matching set even though they aren’t.   Wooden bowls, chargers and table decorations also have a uniform look.

table coverings

Get Creative with Table Coverings

While tablecloths are usually a great deal at thrift stores, don’t count other things out if you don’t find what you want.  Our Goodwill also has fabric remnants, blankets and sheets that could double as tablecloths and table runners.  I really wanted a navy tablecloth, but since Goodwill didn’t have one I purchased a twin-size flat sheet instead.  It worked like a charm and was just $1.49!

winter scarves mittens

Hats, Mittens and Scarves

Winter-patterned scarves and mittens can be used to dress up your table – quite literally!  Scarves are a perfect table runner.  Don’t just look for warm-weather scarves, either.  Ladies’ fashion scarves and accessories work well too.  Mittens can either be placed on the table as a or used to hold silverware.


Easy Holiday Centerpieces

Festive centerpieces don’t have to be complicated or expensive.  A glass bowl with a floating candle creates a warm, festive look.   Get inspired by what you have around the house already.  Cranberries, pinecones, hard candy, and ornaments or all look great in vases, jars and other containers.  I placed some silver balls in mine to match my accent pieces.

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