6 Creative Ways to Give Money for Christmas

6 Creative Ways to Give for

Cash is the ultimate last-minute gift, but giving it doesn’t have to be boring!  Check out these creative ways to make giving cash as a gift more fun.

Creative Ways to Give money

Creative Way to Give Money #1: Walnut Cracking

Carefully open one or more walnuts, and remove the nut. Fold a bill and insert into the walnut shell. Glue the walnut shell closed. Mix the nuts with money up with regular walnuts and let the recipient crack them open to find the cash!

The poem reads:
This gift may not look lip smacking
But to get what’s inside, you must get cracking
So go get a hammer and have some fun
Because to get your gift it must be done
Sorry mom & dad for the mess this will make
But you can always save the nuts to bake a cake

Creative Ways to Give Money

Creative Way to Give Money #2: Cold Hard Cash

Place the cash in a plastic bag to keep it from getting wet. Put it in a container of water, and freeze it into a block of ice. When I gave this gift, I just left the ice block into the snow in the front yard and let the recipient find it.

Creative Ways to Give Cash

Creative Way to Give Money #3: Tootsie Rolls

This idea is similar to the walnut gift idea above. Tightly wrap one or more bills in tootsie roll wrappers and hide them among tons of real tootsie rolls.

Here’s a poem to use with this cash gift idea:
I had a special bag of candy made just for you
To find your gift all you need to do is chew

Creative Ways to Give Cash

Creative Way to Give Money #4: Money Baton

Tightly roll the money, and tie it with ribbon. Fill an empty tube with the wrapped money and candy. Decorate as desired. This gift idea is also a great way to reuse those plastic candy-filled candy canes. I always knew there was a use for those!

creative ways to give money
Creative Way to Give Money #5: Hidden Cash in a Magazine

Give money by cleverly hiding it in a magazine! You’ll need two magazines with thick pages. Cut a picture from one magazine and glue it over the same picture on the identical page in the other magazine, with the money sandwiched in between. This one can be very tricky, so use it for older kids. 

creative ways to give money

Creative Way to Give Money #6: Cash-in-a-Box

Roll up bills and bill-sized notes into a roll. On the last note, make a “pull here” tab. Put the roll of bills and notes in an old tissue box, or a box with a slit cut in it, with the tab sticking out.

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  1. Tiffany says

    My mom wanted to give my bro $$ for Christmas when we were kids. She decided to do 1) the cold hard cash idea above. 2) folded in leaves of a head of lettuce. 3) tucked into a loaf of bread. 4) pennies in a protein formula can (my bro was trying to bulk up for football) . . . . there were a couple other funnies but those are the ones that have stuck with me. 🙂

  2. Christy Dixon says

    I rolled up the bills and pushed them into the fingers of gloves. He was disappointed that all he got were gloves and couldn’t understand why I insisted he try them on!

  3. Richard says

    I have a nephew that placed a $50 gift certificate in a bag of popcorn as a gift for his sister. She was quite angry over receiving nothing but popcorn as her gift and threw the bag away. Thankfully it was still in the garbage when the gag was finally explained to her the next day.

  4. Elsie Parker says

    One year for Christmas, I gave my son-in-law a picture of me in a really glitzy frame…….on the back of it, I taped his Christmas money. I have also put money between the wrapped PopTarts in the Pop-Tart box. Another year I put money mixed in with the pages of a book. Money is a very practical gift, but I just always have thought it not very personal. Thinking of different methods of delivery, makes it a little more fun and shows some thought.

  5. rae says

    I have riled money inside a toilet paper roll with a slit in it with a pull tab and wrapped in wrapping paper. I also read a blog the other day that suggested sticking money in balloons and blowing them up and placing in a box. You can even mail it pretty cheap because it’s so light.

  6. Kathy Taylor says

    I gave a gift of $250.00 mostly in one dollar bills that I taped together. I folded it back to look like a stack of cash and tied a ribbon around the stack. Then told them to untie and then they realize its taped together and when held end to end is about 25feet long.

  7. Regina Ross says

    Every year for Christmas we play a Swap game and cash is always a favorite. The one that sticks the most was a few bills rolled up in the holes of a brick and then wrap the brick they think they’re getting a really heavy gift.

  8. Chrysteen says

    One Christmas morning, I told my daughter, “I’m sorry we weren’t able to get you much this year but money doesn’t grow on trees, y’know? Or DOES it???” I then looked pointedly at the tree. She followed my gaze and there it was! Money “growing” on the Christmas tree! I’d rolled up the bills, all different denominations, into tiny rolls and tied them with ribbon. I used to ribbon to hang them on the branches. She didn’t notice the money hanging there at all until the hint. She had fun finding all the money on the tree.

  9. Sue Neumann says

    One year I made the kids a CD and all the songs had something to do with money in the title. The cover had all the songs listed and when you opened the CD, the check was inside.
    Another year, my husband and I took our picture with our hands up like we were holding a big check (like the lottery winners). We printed the picture large enough to put in an 8 X 10 frame and put their check in so it looked like we were holding it.

  10. Jean Diehl says

    After seeing last year’s Christmas gift from me in a box to go to Goodwill with the package unopened, I thought I might not give my niece’s stepdaughter a gift this year. But after reading the walnut idea, I am excited to annoy the crap out of her by making her work for a gift I know she will appreciate.

  11. Ann says

    When I was a teenager, my parents got me a big vase for Christmas. Then they put a new watch in the bottom and crumpled up dollar bills to fill it up. I had to pull out handfuls of money to reach the gift at the bottom. It was so cool!

  12. Jodie Neumeier says

    I give my teenage grandson cash for Christmas every year. One year I got $2.00 dollar bills and layed them one over the other like a fan and taped them together like that. He got several fans. Another year I went to the bank and got a strap of brand new-uncirculated $1.00 dollar bills. He thought the fact that it came straight from the mint was awesome. Another year, I took a calandar and picked random days and slit the lines between dates (like between the 5th and 6th, and then also between 6th and 7th) then I folded the dollar bill so that I could slide it thru both slits so when he flipped to that month he saw the face center of the money instead of the square where the 6 is supposed to be. Last year I got a box of millionaires and carefully opened the clear wrapper, then put the cash inside the box, then rewrapped the clear wrapper.


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