6 Creative Ways to Give for

Cash is the ultimate last-minute gift, but giving it doesn’t have to be boring!  Check out these creative ways to make giving cash as a gift more fun.

Creative Ways to Give money

Creative Way to Give Money #1: Walnut Cracking

Carefully open one or more walnuts, and remove the nut. Fold a bill and insert into the walnut shell. Glue the walnut shell closed. Mix the nuts with money up with regular walnuts and let the recipient crack them open to find the cash!

The poem reads:
This gift may not look lip smacking
But to get what’s inside, you must get cracking
So go get a hammer and have some fun
Because to get your gift it must be done
Sorry mom & dad for the mess this will make
But you can always save the nuts to bake a cake

Creative Ways to Give Money

Creative Way to Give Money #2: Cold Hard Cash

Place the cash in a plastic bag to keep it from getting wet. Put it in a container of water, and freeze it into a block of ice. When I gave this gift, I just left the ice block into the snow in the front yard and let the recipient find it.

Creative Ways to Give Cash

Creative Way to Give Money #3: Tootsie Rolls

This idea is similar to the walnut gift idea above. Tightly wrap one or more bills in tootsie roll wrappers and hide them among tons of real tootsie rolls.

Here’s a poem to use with this cash gift idea:
I had a special bag of candy made just for you
To find your gift all you need to do is chew

Creative Ways to Give Cash

Creative Way to Give Money #4: Money Baton

Tightly roll the money, and tie it with ribbon. Fill an empty tube with the wrapped money and candy. Decorate as desired. This gift idea is also a great way to reuse those plastic candy-filled candy canes. I always knew there was a use for those!

creative ways to give money
Creative Way to Give Money #5: Hidden Cash in a Magazine

Give money by cleverly hiding it in a magazine! You’ll need two magazines with thick pages. Cut a picture from one magazine and glue it over the same picture on the identical page in the other magazine, with the money sandwiched in between. This one can be very tricky, so use it for older kids. 

creative ways to give money

Creative Way to Give Money #6: Cash-in-a-Box

Roll up bills and bill-sized notes into a roll. On the last note, make a “pull here” tab. Put the roll of bills and notes in an old tissue box, or a box with a slit cut in it, with the tab sticking out.

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