DIY Halloween Hair and Makeup Ideas

diy halloween hair and makeup ideas Hair and Ideas

Halloween costume accessories don’t have to cost a fortune when you use these DIY Halloween Hair and Makeup Ideas.

diy halloween hair and makeup ideasDIY Frugal Halloween Face Paint

This face paint is super easy to make and only requires supplies that you already have. Plus, you can use food coloring to create any color you want to go with the costume.

diy halloween hair and makeup ideasDollar Store Fun: Pacifier Mustache Idea

This idea cost just $2 or less depending upon if you already have pacifiers on hand and it’s such a CUTE idea!

diy halloween hair and makeup ideasHomemade Mini Witch Hats

These mini witch hats can be worn on a headband, clip, or bobby pinned into your hair for that added extra cuteness. You can get as creative as you want with them by using different colored ribbon and tulle.

diy halloween hair and makeup ideasDIY Halloween Homemade Felt Hair Clips

These are really easy to make, and very frugal. The supplies – felt, hair clips, and embroidery thread – are very inexpensive. $3 worth of supplies will make a dozen homemade hair clips.  The best part is, you do NOT need to know how to sew.

diy halloween hair and makeup ideasDollar Store Halloween Costume Accessories

You can find lots of hair and makeup accessories at your local Dollar Store. Look for fake colored hair, silly glasses, makeup kits, fake blood even vampire and hillbilly teeth. Find lots of hats such as witches, tiaras, dinosaur, cowboy and army hats. There’s even bunny and cat ears that come in 3-pc. sets. Fake mustaches are also a lot of fun! There’s sure to be something for everyone.

diy halloween hair and makeup ideasThrift Store Halloween Costume Accessories

Shop your local thrift stores for hair and makeup items and you will really save money. Things to look for include wigs, leprechaun hats, fun-shaped sunglasses, vintage hats, straw hats, floppy sun hats, army hats and baseball caps. Some other items to also search for are feathered masks, bandanas, nerd glasses, big hair bows, athletic gear helmets, swim goggles and wedding veils. (*For items that can’t be laundered, consider spraying them with a disinfectant spray like Lysol before using them).

More DIY Halloween Hair and Makeup Ideas:

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