DIY Halloween: Homemade Felt Hair Clips

Homemade Halloween Felt HairclipsI love for my daughter to wear fun hair for the holidays.  Unfortunately, they are expensive, especially the adorable felt hair clips I’ve seen on etsy.  You can easily spend $6-8 on a hair clip – just one!

These are actually really easy to make, and very frugal. The supplies – felt, hair clips, and embroidery thread – are very inexpensive. $3 worth of supplies will make a dozen homemade hair clips.  The best part is, you do NOT need to know how to sew.  Though this is simple sewing, if you don’t know how, just use fabric glue!

Supplies for Homemade Felt Hair Clips:

  • sheets of felt ($.20-.40 at craft store)
  • hair clips ($1 at dollar store)
  • embroidery thread (3/$1 at craft store)
  • scissors
  • embroidery needle
  • glue

Homemade Halloween Felt Hair Clips Step 1: Cut out felt shapes.
You need two layers for each clip.  The top layer can be different pieces (I have a pumpkin body and a separate stem), but the bottom layer should be one solid piece.  For ideas, you can print and trace clipart.
Homemade Halloween Felt Hair Clips Step 2: Decorate the top piece.
Add any embroidery to the top of your clip.  I embroidered faces on the ghost and jack-o-lantern.  You could add an initial, or glue on googly eyes or sequins.

Homemade Halloween Felt Hair ClipsStep 3: Add the hair clips.
Consider which side of the hair the clip will be worn in when you add your clip.  Cut a vertical slit in the back piece of felt and slide theclip in.   For the bobby-pin style, I cut two slits and slid the top of the bobby pin through both (the jack-o-lantern).  For the snap clip, I cut one slit and slid the top of the clip through as much as I could without going over the edge of the ghost.  This one will be enclosed in between the two felt layers.  Glue the clips in, if desired.

Homemade Halloween Felt Hair ClipsStep 4: Sew both pieces of felt together.
Sandwiching your clip, sew both layers of felt together.  I did a running stitch around the edge.  This is where I added the stem of my jack-o-lantern by sewing it onto the back piece of felt.  Once again, if you don’t sew, just glue the two pieces together with fabric glue.

Homemade Halloween Felt Hair Clips: Jack O LanternStep 5: Enjoy!

Homemade Halloween Felt Hair Clips

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