DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

diy mother's day gift ideasDIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Here are some easy DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that even kids can make with or without help.

DIY are some of the best presents that you can give that special woman on Mother’s Day! These just seem to touch the heart more than those over-priced bunches of flowers, boxes of candy and sparkly jewelry.

diy mother's day gift ideas Photo Placemats

This is a great idea for moms that live far away, they can enjoy seeing those smiley faces and fun activities every time they eat.

diy mother's day gift idea     Cork Bulletin Board

This idea can be hung up anywhere in the house and it comes in handy as you can post pictures or notes on it to remember.

diy mother's day gift idea       Personalized Hot Plates

This special project is something that will always be used, it’s works great for those hot dishes of food!

diy mother's day gift ideas  Foot and Hand Print Mat with Frame

This gift idea is simply precious and it’s something that you could do as a yearly tradition.

diy mother's day gift ideasDecorated Frame with Buttons

Here’s a super-easy craft that toddlers can do and it only takes a few minutes.

diy mother's day gift ideas   Lemon Coconut Scrub

This scrub is a wonderful gift as it is a 3-in-1 scrub. The lemon has a clean, refreshing smell, the coconut oil is moisturizing and the white sugar is the exfoliator.

diy mother's day gift ideas Hand painted flower pot

Let the little ones creativity go wild on this project and don’t forget to include a pretty plant inside of it.

diy mother's day gift ideasPhoto or Artwork Tile Coasters

This simple gift idea is so easy that preschoolers can create it using their drawings or a picture of themselves.

diy mother's day gift ideas  Iris Painting

This gift idea only involves paint, paper and your child’s forearm, pinkie and thumb.

diy mother's day gift ideas   Custom Photo Candle Holders

This project recycles old candle jars and then finding that perfect picture to put on it.

diy mother's day gift ideas Flower Cupcakes

These yummy cupcakes would be the perfect dessert for that special dinner you are making mom.

diy mother's day gift ideasFamily Recipes Book

This is a wonderful keepsake and you can include all of mom’s favorite present and past recipes and maybe even a favorite memory you have of each one.

diy mother's day gift ideas  Acrylic Frame Note Holder

This clever idea is so neat and everything can be found at the Dollar Store.

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