Easter Activity: Resurrection Eggs (with Free Printables)

Resurrection Eggs is a simple, inexpensive activity for teaching children of all ages about the Resurrection.  12 plastic eggs each contain a symbol of the events leading up to the Resurrection of Christ, as well as a short description and a scripture reference.  Pick up a dozen plastic eggs at the dollar store and make a set of Resurrection Eggs to teach your children about the Resurrection.

Here is how I made my Resurrection Eggs, and what I put in each egg.  Suggestions for adapting this activity for your family and faith are given below.

resurrection eggs easter activity

Resurrection Eggs Supplies

  • empty egg carton
  • 12 plastic
  • number stickers or permanent marker
  • symbolic items

Instructions for Making Resurrection Eggs

On 12 slips of paper, write each description and scripture reference, if using.  Label the plastic eggs 1-12.  Put each paper in the appropriate egg with the coordinating symbol.

Resurrection Egg #1: When Jesus entered Jerusalem, the people waved branches because that’s what people used to do when a king walked by. Mark 11:8-9 (a plastic leaf)

Resurrection Egg #2: Later, Jesus had a special dinner with his friends. A woman came and poured perfume on his head. This showed that she knew that he was the Christ and she knew that he would die soon. Mark 14:3 (a piece of cloth with perfume on it)

Resurrection Egg #3: The next day, Jesus had another special meal with his friends. We call this The Last Supper.  Jesus said that people who followed Him should have bread and wine or water to help them remember Him. Luke 22:19 (piece of cracker)

Resurrection Egg #4: Jesus went to a garden to pray. (picture of Christ praying, or a flower)

Resurrection Egg #5: Judas was supposed to be one of Jesus’ special helpers, but instead he helped other men arrest Jesus. He did this because those men paid him money. Mark 14:10-11 (3 dimes)

Resurrection Egg #6: After Jesus was arrested, the soldiers were really mean to Him and made fun of Him. One thing that they did was to put a purple robe on Him. Only kings wore purple robes. They didn’t realize that He really was a King, they were just teasing Him because people thought He was a king! Mark 15:16-18 (piece of purple cloth)

Resurrection Egg #7: Jesus was crucified. Mark 15:25 (crucifix or paper cross)

Resurrection Egg #8: When the soldiers put Jesus on the cross, they pounded nails into His hands and feet.  (nail)

Resurrection Egg #9: Another thing the soldiers did to make fun of Jesus was to put a sign on the cross that said “THE KING OF THE JEWS” Again, they thought they were making fun of Him, they didn’t realize that He really was the King of the Jews! Mark 15:26 (paper sign that says “THE KING OF THE JEWS”)

Resurrection Egg #10: After Jesus died, His friends put his body in a tomb. Later, some of the women who followed Him came to the tomb to put spices on His body and wrapped Him in white cloth. That was something they did back then when someone died. Mark 16:1 (whole cloves and/or white cloth)

Resurrection Egg #11: The tomb had a rock that could roll over the opening to seal it. While the women were walking to the tomb, they wondered how they would get the stone out of the way. Mark 16:3-4 (smooth, round rock)

Resurrection Egg #12: When they got to the tomb, they were amazed to find that the stone had been rolled out of the way – and Jesus’ body was gone! Then an angel came and told them, “He is risen; he is not here” This egg is empty because Jesus’ tomb was empty. Jesus’ tomb was empty because He was resurrected! Mark 16:6

Resurrection Eggs Easter Activity symbols

Resurrection Eggs Activity Suggestions

This Easter activity can be done many ways and adapted for of all ages and families of all Christian faiths.  Here are some suggestions for adjusting the Resurrection Eggs activity for your family.

  • Reword the descriptions inside each egg to be age-appropriate for your kids.
  • Have kids help create the Resurrection Eggs.
  • Have older children look up and read the scripture passages.
  • Leave out the scriptures and just use the symbols.
  • Hide the eggs and have the children find them.
  • Do this activity as an advent – count down 12 days before Easter, and open the last egg on Easter morning.
  • Do this activity for family night shortly before Easter.
  • Do this activity on Easter morning before other Easter .
  • Keep your Resurrection Eggs in an old egg carton and reuse them year after year.
  • Make an extra set of Resurrection Eggs to give to a friend.
  • Use as a Sunday School lesson about Easter (I’ve done this several different times for kids from age 5-17 and they all loved it)
  • If your children are old enough to safely play with these materials, leave the Resurrection Eggs set out for them to play with during the Easter season.

Here are some different symbol suggestions, depending on what you want to focus on.  You can easily add accompanying scriptures.  As you can see in the photo, I adapted some of the symbols according to what I had on hand.

  • die for casting lots (John 19:24)
  • soap for washing feet
  • crown of thorns (Matt 27:29)
  • sponge with vinegar (John 19:29)
  • small cup (“take away this cup from me” Mark 14:36)
  • feather for the rooster crowing
  • ropes for the arrest of Jesus

The first year we did this activity, our oldest child was 2.  I still remember her amazement when she opened the twelfth egg and saw that it was empty.  It’s never too early to teach your children that He is risen.

Make your own Resurrection Eggs easily with our free Resurrection Eggs Printables.  Simply print the two pages, cut out each shape, and put one in each of 12 eggs.

Resurrection Eggs Free Printable Resurrection Eggs Free Printable


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    What a great idea. This is an awesome way to combine art/crafting with the history of the occasion. I love the lack of commercialism, which often obscures the cause for celebration. Though, chocolate bunnies remain on my list! Well done, thanks!


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