Easter Craft: Kids’ Handprint Lilies

Here’s another simple Easter craft for .  I first saw this Handprint Lilies Craft in Family Fun magazine.  My preschooler has been very interested in that use her handprints and feetprints, so I knew she’d like this one.  We made a bouquet of three handprint lilies to use as decorations.

We made ours a little differently than the ones in Family .  We used construction paper and a green pipe cleaner.

Cut out a hand print from white construction paper.  Curl the fingers of the hand around a pencil to make petals.

Cut out a double leaf shape from green construction paper and punch a hole in the center.  Thread two pairs of leaves onto the pipe cleaner (the Family Fun example used a green straw).

Wrap the hand around the end of the green pipe cleaner and tape.

To make the yellow center, we scrunched up a scrap of yellow construction paper and stuck it inside the white flower.  This was Maggie’s favorite part.

Make a bend in the pipe cleaner underneath the green leaves so they don’t slip down.

Enjoy your bouquet of Easter lilies!

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