Easy DIY Gift Ideas for Women Under $10

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Homemade gifts are frugal and have a lot of meaning.  Check out these cool ideas that are pretty easy to create.  The best part is that they look store-made.

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Homemade Mason Jar Candles:  This is a cool way to reuse leftover wax from candles you have used.  Plus they look so great in the mason jars.  You can purchase the wicks on Amazon. 

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Pottery Barn Inspired Kitchen Tablet Holder:  Most of my cookbooks and recipes are now online so it’s nice to have a place to put your tablet while you are in the kitchen.  It’s basically a newer version of the cookbook holder.  This one is simply a cutting board, a Scrabble tile holder, and a triangle block.  Then you paint and distress it!  So easy and awesome!

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Rice Neck Warmer:  These are so simple and make a really nice gift.  All you need is a nice, fabric, a sewing machine, and minimal skills.  You can also add dried lavender and other herbs.  Heat one of these in the microwave for a minute or two and put on a sore muscle or tummy.

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Tee-Shirt Infinity Scarf:  This is a really cute way to epicycle an old tee shirt.  See the tutorial HERE.

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Book Page Picture Frames:  How easy and frugal is this?  Go to The Dollar Tree and purchase a cheap frame.  Rip small strips of pages of an old book and Mod Podge them to the frame.  Get the tutorial and tips HERE.

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Recipe Binder and Organizer:  My husband made one of these for me years ago and it’s still one of my favorite possessions.  It’s a personalized decorated binder, binder dividers with tabs (for difference recipe sections), and clean sleeves.  I print my favorite recipes online and stick them into my binder.  I also stick recipes cards in my binder.  Hubs jokingly calls it our “family bible” because it contains our more precious recipes.

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