Easy Hidden Mickeys at Disneyland

7 Easy Hidden Mickeys for Kids at

Looking for some easy Hidden Mickeys to find at Disneyland with your kids? Here is an easy Hidden Mickey to find in each “land” at Disneyland.  Each of these Hidden Mickeys is easy to find. You can go right up to many of them and touch or trace them or they are otherwise easy to spot.  If you don’t know what a Hidden Mickey is, be sure to read about Discovering Disney’s Hidden Mickeys first.

Easy Hidden Mickey in Tomorrowland:  Buzz Lightyear Continent

Disneyland Hidden Mickeys Buzz Lightyear

My 6 year old’s favorite Hidden Mickey in Tomorrowland is actually on Space Mountain – the speakers in between the seats form a Mickey shape. But since that is a scarier ride with a 40” height requirement, and I’m not really sure that Mickey is “hidden”, I’ll share a Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters Hidden Mickey instead.  In the queue, at the last turn before you reach Buzz, there are planets shown on the wall. One of the planets has a Mickey-profile-shaped continent! The first picture shows the entire wall. The second is a close up of the upper-left corner with the Mickey continent.

Easy Hidden Mickey in ToonTown: Gadget’s Go-Coaster Queue

Disneyland Hidden Mickeys Toontown
This Hidden Mickey is formed by some of the rocks in the wall of the queue.  It’s just past the first turn in the queue, on the right wall.  It’s easy to find, if you’re looking for it, but easy to miss if you’re not!

Easy Hidden Mickey in Fantasyland: Pinocchio Popcorn Stand

Easy Hidden Mickey Disneyland Pinocchio On the Pinocchio ride, there is a Mickey-shaped popcorn decal on the ground in front of the popcorn stand in Pleasure Island.  If you are sitting in the front seat, look for it as soon as you enter Pleasure Island.  In the back seat, it’s best seen on the right side. You can look behind you after passing the popcorn stand to see it. If you miss it, don’t worry – the line for this ride is always short. You can take another chance!

Easy Hidden Mickey in Frontierland: Golden Horseshoe Stage

Easy Hidden Mickey Disneyland Frontierland

In the Golden Horseshoe restaurant in Frontierland, there is a Hidden Mickey on the stage.  In the center decorative panel on the stage, one of the holes is Mickey-shaped! This is a tricky Hidden Mickey to spot (did you find it in the picture?), but it’s one that you can easily point out to a younger child, as you can go right up to it and touch it.

Easy Hidden Mickey in Adventureland: Tarzan’s Treehouse

Easy Hidden Mickey Disneyland Tarzan

This is another tricky Hidden Mickey to find, but one that your kids can feel for themselves.  Go up into the Tarzan’s Treehouse and find the room where Jane is drawing Tarzan. The Hidden Mickey is on a treasure chest on the opposite side of the room, to your right near the exit.  It’s a three bolts in a Mickey shape, touching each other.

Easy Hidden Mickey in New Orleans Square: Haunted Mansion Plates

Easy Hidden Mickey Disneyland Haunted Mansion

This easy Hidden Mickey is hard to take a picture of, but it’s so easy even my three year old can spot it every time.  In the dining room of the Haunted Mansion, there is a Mickey-shaped place setting in the center of the table.

Easy Hidden Mickey in Critter Country: Winnie the Pooh Honey Swirl

Easy Hidden Mickey Disneyland Pooh On the Winnie-the-Pooh ride, after the Heffalumps and Woozles room, there is a large swirl of honey splatters and Heffalumps on the right wall.  On the bottom right, under the purple Heffalump’s trunk is a Mickey-shaped splatter. (The Heffalump looks blue in the picture, but it’s really purple).

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