First Birthday Party Ideas: Create a Special “Birthday Tablecloth” Keepsake

first birthday keepsake ideaWant to create an easy keepsake for ’s first birthday that will become even more valuable as the years go on?   This Birthday Tablecloth idea costs under $20 and would make a frugal gift to bring to the party.

Purchase a white tablecloth and fabric paint.  With the fabric paint, add baby’s handprint. As we discovered, it’s tough to get a one-year-old to stop wiggling to do their handprint – but that’s part of the memory!   That way, year after year as more handprints are added you can see how much he’s grown.

Next, have everyone who came to the birthday party sign their name and add a sentiment (we used a Sharpie, it worked better than a fabric pen for some reason).   The tablecloth becomes even more of a treasured keepsake the more it’s written on.

This idea is from The Complete Book of Baby Bargains.


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