FREE Ways to Use Your Old Smart Phone

Free Ways to Use Your Old Smartphone

Next month my two years is up and I’ll be able to upgrade and get a new smartphone for FREE!  I’m very excited but the question is, what do I do with the old one?  Well I have been doing some research and it turns out that there are tons of FREE things that you can do with an inactive smartphone that I didn’t know or think about.  As long as you have WiFi in your home or wherever you go, you can still use the internet and download features.  Here are some great reasons to always keep your old phone and charger around and ready to go.

1. Inactive phones can be used to dial 911 during emergencies.  Keep your old phone and a charger in the car so you always have one.  Kids going out to play around the neighborhood?  Send them out with your old phone in case of an emergency.

2.  Keep your old phone as a travel alarm clock.  It’s great for camping, road trips, and the beach.  That way there is no risk if the phone gets wet or stolen.

3.  Speaking of travel, download a FREE GPS App so you don’t run down your battery while you drive.

4.  You can download movies onto your phone so you are ready for that long car ride.

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5. Use one of Amazon’s FREE Kindle Apps to access your books and use your old phone like a tablet.

6.  You can also use a Kindle App to download tons of FREE cookbooks.  That ways your recipes are easily on hand in the kitchen.

7.  Your old phone can become your MP3 player for all of your favorite songs.  Or use your old phone as an MP3 player so the kids can keep all of their songs safely in one device.

8.  Pass it down to the kids completely.  I personally don’t like my kids playing on my phone.  However I can load games onto my old phone and they can play away.

9.  You can download an app to turn your own phone into a video baby monitor.  Download this App onto two different devices.  Then prop your old phone on the baby’s dresser or attach it over their crib (out of reach) to keep an eye on them while they sleep.

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