Frugal DIY Holiday Decor DAY TWO: Homemade Wreaths Under $15

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I love hanging a wreath of my door during the Holiday season!  It’s a simple and really festive way to great guests.  Pre-designed wreaths can cost between $30-$50.  Here are some wreath ideas that cost $15 or less to make.

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Burlap Wreath: Burlap is a very inexpensive material that you can purchase and cut into strips to make this wreath.  This tutorial shows you have to make a simple wreath that can be adorned to your personal taste.

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Another Burlap Wreath Idea:  This is another idea using burlap with a styrofoam wreath form. The rest of these items can be found at any craft store or even from The Dollar Store.  You could also dig into your current stash of decorations for embellishments for your wreath.

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Book Page Wreath:  I actually made one of these recently and they are even more awesome up close than in this picture!  Mine was larger and had room in the center to hang an ornament or Monogram letter.

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Berry Wreath:  I see these wreaths for sale everywhere and they are so easy to make!

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Snow Ball (Yarn Ball) Wreath:  This is made of cheap ornaments or styrofoam balls with yarn wrapped around them.  I love it!

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Christmas Ornament Wreath  This can be made with old ornaments from your own collection.  You can also find Christmas balls at thrift stores and yard sales.

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Cookie Cutter Wreath:  I LOVE this idea!  Seasonal ornament sets are pretty easy to find.  Use a glue gun or wire to stick them together, add a ribbon, and you are done!

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Monogram “Wreath”:  This is a fun alternative to a traditional wreath.  Purchase a large letter from Michael’s.  It could be wooden, cardboard, or metal.  Then you can glue anything on it: ribbon, tiny holly berries, sequins, twine, etc.

Before making your own wreath, be sure to check out these Great Ways to Save Money at Michael’s. 

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