Frugal Gift Ideas for Families (Under $20)

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When you have a large amount of siblings or friends with kids, individual gifts can get pretty expensive. Family gifts a nice thoughtful way to give something meaningful this holiday season.

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DIY Ice Cream Sundae Kit:  This is such an easy idea and can cost as little or as much as you want and it can be presented anyway you want.  All you need are ice cream cones and toppings.

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Cupcake Decorating Kit:  This idea is fun and frugal.  Baking supplies are always on sale during the holiday season.  For this kit you need a cute box, boxed cake mix, frosting, sprinkles, a couple icing writers, and some fun cupcake liners.

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Oven Mitt Baking Kit: This could be done solely using Dollar store items.  All it takes is an oven mitt, cookie mix, spatula, wisk, etc.

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Bottled Rootbeer Reindeer:  How cute is this?  6-pk of root beer, pipe cleaner, goggly eyes, and mini-red pom moms.

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Christmas Lights Cookie Baking Kit:  This is another unique way to create a baking kit.  Make homemade cookie dough (don’t forget to include the baking instructions.  The plastic light bulb containers can be found at any craft store.  Look where the party favor containers are located.  Fill them up with different kinds of sprinkles. Create a nice box or basket to present it in.

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Friendship Soup Mix in a Jar:  Who wouldn’t love the gift of dinner?  Find the recipe instructions HERE. 

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Candy Bouquet: This gift can be customized in many different ways.  The base starts with a block of green floral foam and 4 boxes of candy.  After that you can use candy canes and other holiday candy.

Here are more family gift ideas:

  • movie theater gift cards
  • bowling gift card
  • ice cream shop gift card
  • Family Fun magazine subscription
  • art supply kit (use Dollar store and Target One Spot items)
  • family DVD
  • board game
  • gingerbread house kit

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