Frugal Gift Ideas for Teens Under $20

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Teens can sometimes be hard to shop for.  It’s hard to say what they will like and won’t like.  No one wants to spend money on something that receiver won’t even use.  Here are some nice for teenagers that are under $20 each:

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Compact Make-Up Kit:  This one has high customer ratings and fits right inside any purse.

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Murano Style Charm Bracelet:  These bracelets are really nice.  Charms and beads are available in all difference colors and styles that fit any personality.

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Girly Guitar Picks Set:  Know a girl who plays the guitar?  This is the perfect gift for her!

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Chevron Infinity Scarf 2-Pk:  Infinity scarves are a popular style.  These scarves are pretty, lightweight, and available in different colors.


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Punch Bag Laundry Bag:  Hang this in the middle of their bedroom to insure laundry winds up where it belongs.  The fact that it’s a punching bag gives them extra incentive to fill it.

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Magnetic Dart Board: This boredom buster hangs on the wall or on the back of the door.

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Star Wars Mens Old Rebel Tee Shirt:  This tee shirt is available in several sizes and colors.


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Minion Flash Drive:  If you need a flash drive, you might as well make it fun.  There are many Minions to choose from.

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Portable Tech Organizer Case: Who doesn’t have a hard time keeping track of devices, cords, and chargers.  Here is a great way to keep them all in one place, especially during travel.

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Portable Cell Phone Charger:  This is a cool gift!  How many times are you out and your cell phone runs out of battery power?  Teens can keep this on hand in their backpack, purse, or glove compartment in case their devices die when they are out.

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Doodle Journal:  Every teen I know likes to doodle and draw.  It’s a great form of self expression.

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