Fun Frugal Activities for Kids | Mommysavers.comFun, Frugal Activities for Kids: Looking for creative, fun ways to keep your kids busy without spending a lot of money? Here are some great tips and suggestions for frugal moms to have fun with their children.

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Frugal Kids Activities and Craft Ideas

Rice Craft for Kids: Rainy Day Fun! This simple, frugal rice craft idea takes only minutes to make but keeps kids busy for hours!

Homemade Playdough Recipe Easy instructions for making homemade playdough frugally at home with the kids

Fun for Kids: Ice Cream in a Bag Both a treat and a frugal activity, your kids are sure to love ice cream in a bag!

Camera Activities  These three camera activities for kids are great for emerging shutterbugs

Sleepover Fun:  Easy Glow Cups  All you need for these fun glow-in-the-dark cups is a glow bracelet, and two plastic drink cups.

Frugal Fun with Kool-Aid Get creative with and make Kool-Aid scratch-and-sniff paint, Kool-Aid playdough, and other fun crafts!

Driveway Bowling  Driveway bowling is frugal fun for kids and a great way to recycle plastic bottles as well.

Color Scavenger Hunt This color scavenger hunt activity for kids is a great way to teach them colors

Spaghetti Fun Three spaghetti activities for preschoolers - who knew it could be so much fun?

Homemade Glitter  Non-toxic homemade glitter you can make at home

DIY Light Table  Create a homemade light table for hours of inexpensive fun

Pool & Water Games Whether you’ve a backyard pool or just a sprinkler, we’ve got tons of ideas for fun in the water!

Create an i-Spy Game  Recycle common household items for a fun i-Spy activity for kids (great in the car, too!)

Homemade Floam Non-toxic homemade floam will keep the kids busy and entertained for hours!

Ice Block Treasure Hunt Perfect for summertime fun, this ice block treasure hunt could be modified for the winter as well

Homemade Bubbles  Fun ideas to make your own homemade bubbles

Magic Milk Experiment This magic milk experiment is frugal, easy enough for toddlers, and you most likely have the supplies on hand

Silly Slime Just three ingredients, Silly Slime is an easy craft to do with kids at back-to-school time when glue is on sale

Paper Plate Crafts You can have TONS of fun with paper plates from the Dollar Store.  We’ve got several Paper Plate Crafts for Kids to get you started.

Glow-in-the-Dark Bathtime Reluctant bath-taker? Try a glow-in-the-dark bathtime!

Egg Carton Crafts Don’t throw away the egg cartons!  Try these egg carton crafts with your preschooler

Dinosaur Fun Try a Dinosaur Dig or Dinosaur Fossil-Making

Winter Fun: Indoor Winter Fun: Ideas from Our Readers

  1. I like your ideas that are really good and have fun for kids. But the ice cream in a bag is really funny.
    Activities with Kids recently posted..Our Craft Studio

  2. Robin Fehr

    I love your ideas! One question: what is the top one? (the colors on a plate) It looks really cool, but it doesn’t appear to have any instructions.

  3. please share some ideas for pre school children!!!!

    thank you!!

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