Indoor Winter Fun for Kids Ideas from our Readers

homemade play doughIndoor Winter Fun for Kids Ideas from our Readers

Imagination Day

I keep everything… old yogurt containers, scraps of paper, ribbon, etc., and I put it in a big box. When it’s one of those days that it is too yucky to go outside, I pull it out and my son and I have an imagination craft day! No rules, just take everything out of the box and make stuff.  We make all kinds of silly stuff: we decorate the yogurt cups and have a cocoa and cookie party, we use old wine corks to make trivets, we use foam scraps and other scrapbooking scraps to make scrapbook pages, etc.  Sometimes the stuff we make actually turns out pretty nice! — username anniebananie

Old-Fashioned Forts

I let the kids take all the pillows/couch cushions off the couch and make a fort. I let them drag out blankets, sheets, etc. from the linen closet too. This can keep them busy for hours! It’s totally worth the time it takes to re-fold and put everything away! — username mmysvr

My son loves to make a fort with the couch and loveseat. I pull the loveseat away from the wall and put it in front of the couch facing the same way (since the fort stays up most of the day, I want to be able to still sit on the loveseat to watch TV). Since we have a king size bed the sheets and blankets work perfectly to make the roof. I tuck the sheet in between the back of the couch and wall and tuck the other end into the top of the cushion of the loveseat. That way I can make it very taut so even I can sit in there — which is a major requirement.  I can’t wait until the baby is old enough to play in there too! — username kimmiekoala

Pine Cone Bird Feeders

One project in the winter my son likes to do is coat pine cones that we have collected on a walk with peanut butter and roll them in bird seed. I tie yarn to the top and let them sit overnight. The next day we walk around the yard and he finds the branches he wants them to hang on and I tie them on. I put a few by the sliding glass door and window to give him and the cat something to watch. — username kimmiekoala

Bring the Snow Indoors

I bring the snow indoors – I put down a small waterproof mat and get a couple bowls of snow – give them some food dye in a squirt bottle, cups, shovels – they go to town. This was especially helpful last winter when my daughter was too young to go outside. — username Michelle!

Rotating Toys

I am a big “toy storer” so I have only a small amount of toys out at a time, then pull out a box that is stashed away. It’s great. Tight now I have about 4 boxes stashed away – 2 upstairs and 2 downstairs. — username crazykelly

Create an Indoor Play Area

If you have a large basement area (or a heated garage), it is a good idea to bring in some of the outside toys to play with during the winter. Young kids can ride their bikes, roller skate, bounce balls, etc. if you have the space. –username mommy2jandj

Role Playing

We role play such as my 4 year-old daughter acts as her teacher to me and her friends (Elmo, bunny, dolls). She picks them up from school and drops them off to go to work too. Just this morning she was playing mail carrier. She LOVES to paint and color, my mom got her 3 huge rolls of plain paper and 2 rolls of like 1st grade writing paper plus roll on paints (not too messy!). She is very interested in learning to write. –username Shabin