Fun Activities for Kids: Paper Plate Owl Craft

paper plate owl craft

Paper Plate Owl Craft

Here’s a fun activity for this – a paper plate owl craft.  This easy craft is made with items you already have on hand, takes zero prep work.  There are a lot of turkey-themed for fall, but this cute owl will stand out.

Paper Plate Owl Craft Supplies:

  • paper plate
  • crayons, markers, paint, etc to decorate the owl
  • construction paper
  • glue
  • scissors

Paper Plate Owl Craft Instructions:

First, decorate the owl’s belly in the center of the paper plate.  Draw ruffly feathers, or color it in.

Fun Activities for Kids - Paper Plate Owl Craft

Next, fold two wings down.  The top of the fold should be at the center top of the paper plate.  Make the wings as wide or thin as you like; the wider the wings, the taller the owl will look.  Thinner wings, as shown here, will make a fatter owl craft.  Once your wings are folded, fold the top down of the paper plate down to make the owl’s head.  You may want to glue the beak down to the wings.

Fun Activities for Kids - Paper Plate Owl Craft

Color or decorate the owl’s wings.

The rest of the owl will be made from construction paper. Cut out eyes, a beak, feet and head feathers.  To make a beak that opens, cut a diamond shape and fold it into a triangle, and glue down one side of the fold. The other half will pop up to make a cute owl mouth.  Glue the eyes on the head as well, and glue the feet and head feathers to the back of the paper plate craft.

Fun Activities for Kids - Paper Plate Owl Craft This was a really fun activity for kids.  My 4 year old got a little crazy with the owl’s head feathers.

Fun Activities for Kids - Paper Plate Owl Craft

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Thanks, Huppie Mama, for the paper plate owl craft idea!



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