Fun and Amazing LEGO Storage Ideas

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My children as now fully involved in the world of LEGOs.  We have a small LEGO table the kids play with.  However, the questions now become: What do we do with them?  How do we keep the sets together nicely?  What about all of the little pieces?  How do I keep the instructions booklets from getting destroyed?

Well I searched around for some answers and found some really great answers!

Here are some great ideas for storing those instruction manuals:

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Find the instructions HERE.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 9.42.28 AMFor easy kid access, especially for smaller sets, this hook and ring idea could work well.

***Lose your instruction manuals?  Find all LEGO instruction sets since 1965!***

Small amounts of LEGOs?  Here are some ideas for keeping small sets together as well as creating small travel sets.

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Use snack containers from nuts, coffee, etc.  Glue the picture on the front (*photo unknown)

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This simple bin and ziplock plan from cuts down on the need to save those large boxes.

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Tackle and bead boxes you can find at local craft stores are a great way to sort out extra small pieces.  *Idea comes from 

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This idea is awesome for those little sets that come in plastic packets.  Simply reuse old mint tins to create a fun pocket sized set that can go anywhere!  *Photo from 

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For slightly larger sets, here is a fun idea created from a metal lunch box! Get the instructions HERE.

Lots of LEGOs?  Here are some other fantastic ideas for organizing thousands of LEGOs.

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Use a “shoe holder”  that goes over the closet door!  You can even find these at the Dollar Tree. See this idea HERE.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 10.04.37 AM Here is another great way to organize them by color.  Find this idea HERE.

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If the LEGO situation is out of control, just create a rolling under bed storage spot! Find the instructions HERE. 

So how do you keep those sets together neatly so the kids can play with them?

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This idea for under-bed storage is also really amazing!  Nothing will get knocked or tripped over. Plus it doesn’t take up extra space in a small room! See this idea in detail HERE.

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Create a LEGO storage table out of shelving units.  *photo unknown

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Here is another fantastic shelf idea. *photo unknown

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This mini-shelf idea is great for mini-figures or small sets.  Get the instructions HERE.

While I don’t think we will ever go this far, hardcore LEGO fans can create an entire play area:

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*photo credit unknown 

Here is one last tip I found!  Imagine how gross some of those LEGOs get when being played with my several different children every day!  Check out this easy way to wash LEGOS!

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Get the details on this method HERE.

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