Halloween Food Ideas: Stuffed Pepper Jack-o-Lanterns and Monster Meatballs

Are you planning anything for dinner on night?  Please share your ideas!  Not only have I been making my kids Halloween Muffin Tin Meals for lunches and snacks, we’ve also had a few Halloween-themed dinners.  This first Halloween dinner idea came from Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons – Stuffed Pepper !  I cut jack-o-lantern faces from yellow bell peppers before stuffing and baking them.  It was definitely a hit with the kids.

Halloween Food: Stuffed Pepper Jack-O-Lantern

I stuffed the peppers with a Mexican Stuffed Pepper recipe I’ve been using from Mommy Hates Cooking, but you can use your stand-by stuffed pepper recipe or try Kim’s super-easy stuffed pepper recipe.

The other Halloween-themed dinner we made was Monster .  Thanks to 2bearsmom for this idea.  I made my usual meatball recipe, and stuck whole olives inside before baking them.  Then I served them with spaghetti and sauce.  The kids loved this meal, too, especially my little boy. He is kind of obsessed with olives.

Halloween Food: Bloody Eyeball MeatballsHappy Halloween Dinner!



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