Mom’s Night In for Under $50: Holiday Entertaining for Less with ALDI

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Entertaining for Less

ALDI makes it possible to throw a holiday party on just about any budget.  While ALDI prices and stores are no-frills, their products are not.  They’ve got fantastic deals on “fancy” holiday foods like gourmet cheeses and desserts.  Port wine cheese balls, chocolate truffles and lamb roast, anyone?  ALDI’s got it!   They make it easy to put together an elegant spread on a tight budget.  The best part?  Your guests will have no idea how little you spent!

aldi shopping cartRecently, I loaded up my cart with goodies for a Mom’s Night In.  I was able to buy enough food for myself and seven friends for less than $50!  Plus, included in my $50 budget was a gorgeous orchid for only $9.99.   Some of the bargains I got at ALDI included:

  • Tortilla Strips $1.49
  • Pita Chips $1.99
  • French Baguette $1.99
  • Spanish Cheese $3.49
  • Fero Rochet Truffles $3.49
  • Hummus Quartet $3.99
  • Brie Cheese Round $2.99
  • Blackberries $.99
  • Raspberries $1.99
  • Thick sliced bacon $5.89
  • Dates $1.99
  • Orchid $9.99
  • Slivered Almonds $2.49

My friend Paula said, “I can go to ALDI and fill my whole cart and it won’t even come to $100.  Then I go across the street to the other store to get the ten items ALDI didn’t have, and one bag is $50.  I save SO much by shopping there.”

On the Menu

ALDI has some great foods that don’t require any preparation at all — just open and enjoy.  My favorite was their Hummus Quartet.  It’s just $3.99 and includes four different hummus flavors:  Classic,  Garlic, Roasted Red Pepper and my favorite: Cilantro Jalapeño, which is tangy with a little kick.  Plus, ALDI now carries pita chips and crackers (Yay!  I’ve been waiting for those for awhile).

aldi hummus quartet

The ALDI Hummus Quartet is a great buy at $3.99.  Join the Conversation:  What are YOUR favorite ALDI foods?

sweet and savory party poppers

Sweet and Savory Party Poppers – These are easy to prepare ahead of time, and pop in the oven before your guests arrive.  Nobody will guess what’s inside (brie and dates)!  

goat cheese crostini

Goat Cheese Crostini – Now that ALDI carries French baguette, crostini are easy to make.  I paired mine with goat cheese, roasted almonds and a honey drizzle.  Super delicious!  I know it’s a hit because I had a couple friends ask me to share the recipe.  🙂

Frugal ALDI Decor

  • Drop a few berries in sparkling cider or wine glasses for a classy touch.  Raspberries are just $1.99 per container, blackberries just $.99
  • ALDI carries traditional poinsettia plants for just $3.99, but their orchids caught my eye. They’re just $9.99.  They would make a gorgeous hostess gift!
  • Cut up several limes and pomegranates and place in a glass hurricane.  Limes were $.25 each and pomegranates $.59 each at ALDI.
ALDI food store orchid

wine glasses

decorate with lime and pomegranate

Frugal Fun?  Try a Yankee Swap!

One of my favorite things to do with friends at Christmastime is a White Elephant Gift Exchange (sometimes called Yankee Swap).   Here’s how it works:  Ask everyone to bring something they have at home that they no longer use as a “gift” to exchange.   There are different variations, but this time around we set a timer for five minutes and got out a tray of two dice.  Anytime someone rolled doubles, they could swap with another person.  When the time ran out, whatever present you had was yours to keep.

Join the Conversation:  How do you do play Yankee Swap or do a white elephant gift exchange?

Our most coveted “gift” was a box of beer, a homemade beer bread mix and a dice game.  That’s how we roll!  🙂

white elephant yankee swap

Disclosure:  ALDI provided gift cards for me to purchase supplies for my party, as well as one to give away to my guests and one to my readers.   Enter our ALDI Giveaway Here Before 12/19

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