make-diapers-affordableMake Diapers Affordable:  How to Save on Diapers and Wipes

These are some of the money-saving tips on how to make diapers and baby wipes more affordable as sent to us by our readers over the years.  Want to save on diapers?  Visit the diaper deals page on our blog for the latest scoop on where to find cheap diapers.  View our instructions for homemade baby wipes.


Use cloth diapers if you have the time to launder them. Visit our CLOTH DIAPERING tips page for more information on how to save.

Amazon occasionally has Pampers, Huggies and other diaper brands in their Warehouse Department (in the “Grocery and Personal Care” section). The boxes may be damaged, but the diapers themselves are fine.

Sign up for the Pampers Gifts to Grow program.  You can collect points online without having to buy the diapers.   Our members post recent Pampers points in the freebies forum.

In the last couple of years I have purchased coupons for FREE ANY SIZE Pampers diapers & wipes from eBay. I would buy large quantities of coupons at VERY discounted prices. Since ANY is ANY, I would purchase a case of diapers which equals to almost two Super Mega bags and a big box of wipes that includes a tub plus four refills. Since we plan on having another child I have stocked up on Pampers diapers & wipes in various sizes for the next one. My son is almost two and I have over 60 packages of diapers and training pants in my spare closet along with many wipes refills. I have even sold some of the coupons purchased on eBay individually which paid for my coupons. So my bargain would be that the majority of my Pampers diapers & wipes have been FREE! — Bonnie from ME

My daughter was born prematurely, and she had no butt. Commercial diaper wipes were just way too big, so I cut them in half and they last twice as long! Even now that my daughter is average size they still work great! Also, when we’re at home I just use a washcloth as a diaper wipe and the commercial diaper wipes in a pinch or on the road. You can buy washcloths in bulk and for the solution I just put a bit of dial with water. It works great. My pediatrician actually recommends it, because it decreases the incidence of diaper rash! — Martyne from MN

Babies R Us sends out a quarterly newsletter with specials on it. Most times there is a special coupon for the jumbo packs of Pampers or Huggies wipes (around 400 wipes) for $8.99, regularly $10.59. I use that along with a manufacturers coupon for an additional $1.00 and stock up. Also, BRU has a 15% off coupon for Huggies or Pampers in the Baby Mags, like American Baby and Baby Talk. Use that along with manufacturers coupons and you can save up to $7.00 on the Big boxes. — Vanessa from OH

When my son was born my in-laws came to visit and took us to Costco, a warehouse store, they bought us a box of baby wipes that were Kirkland brand. They were the softest wipes I have ever found, they were only $12, and they lasted just about 6 weeks. — Lacey from TX

Dollar Tree carries diaper disposal bags in boxes of 100 for a BUCK!! I have mailed them to everyone with a baby and those who are far away from Dollar Tree …they also carry Feeder Bowls with lids that I still use for everything!!! — Michelle from TX

If you use cloth diapers, throw the high quality wipes into the diaper pail and wash with dirty diapers and reuse as diaper liners or make into wipes again. Use baby soap or mild (like Dawn) dish soap mixed with boiled water to make wipes. Saves a lot! :) — Kay from CA

A great diaper rash fix my pediatrician told me. Alternate every diaper change with (this may sound funny, but it works.) Maalox (antacid – plain) coat bottom with cotton ball. The next diaper change use the liquid form of any jock itch product. (Wal-Mart brand works good – it is in a container that looks like it would contain eye drops. Give it a try. — Colleen, 38, from GA

Forum Topics on How to Make Diapers Affordable:

Most diaper changing pads are too small for changing my toddler’s diaper in a public place, and rather than spending money on disposable changing pads, I purchased a tablecloth. I cut it into generous rectangles, big enough for my child, and then I fold them up and wrap each one with a rubber band. These pack nicely, and are still cheap enough to throw away when they are really messy. — Michelle, 28, from IL

I get my disposable diapers at Goodwill on the 1/2 off days. Last week, I picked up 5 jumbo packs, 2 were Huggies, 3 Target store brand. Another day I got 2 super mega pull ups for $8 and then 30% off. I can’t always find the right size so I try to buy ahead. If I find newborn or size 1, I open the packages and put them in a new diaper stacker for a baby shower gift. Goodwill gets returned items from Target so I find a lot of new stuff. — Erica

We learned by accident how great “cheap” diapers can be….Our daycare keeps a supply of “cheap” diapers in case a baby runs out unexpectedly. This way they can diaper the baby until the parents can provide more diapers for the next day. Our daycare uses the store brand diapers sold here at Wal-Mart.  — Traci from MI

When I was pregnant with my 2nd child, I found I could clip coupons for diapers and then I would watch Eckerd’s sale bills for when diapers went on sale. Often I purchased Huggies, Pampers, etc, for a little of nothing since Eckerd’s would use their coupons as well as the manufacturer coupons. My suggestion would be to look at baby items that you purchase and see if there is a 1-800 number or a website that you can sign up for free items. — Katrina from OK

Diaper Genie refills can be quite expensive, so we only use the Genie for smelly diapers. I hang a plastic grocery bag on the changing table for diapers that are only wet and toss it every day or two. — Carrie E. ** Don’t buy those expensive rolls of diaper disposal bags…instead, save the produce and bread bags from the supermarket. Be sure the bags are from dry foods only (like apples, bananas, peppers) so that they don’t get moldy in the diaper bag before you even use them. — Deidre from CT

Use generic diapers. You’re just going to throw them away. When we lived in Tulsa Ok. we found an outlet that sold disposable diapers that were seconds. They worked great and were insignificant issues like the tabs were a little short or extra long or the diaper had a little extra cover on them. — Sharon from OH

The swim diapers that parents use for small children when swimming in the pool are very expensive: around $7 for 10 diapers. We have found that they can be washed and used again. Just make sure you air dry them and do not put them in the dryer.

If you use cloth diapers, make reusable wipes using J-cloths and one of the wipes solutions described on this or other frugal sites. Just rinse and wash as you do the diapers. I keep my washer half full of soapy water, and put the cloth diapers directly into it (rinsing out any #2’s first), rather than use a diaper bucket. Stained clothes go straight in, and I run it every other day.

Don’t buy individual small packages of wipes for travel. Put some wipes or even a wet washcloth in a zip-lock bag .

I also buy the Wal-Mart brand White Cloud diapers in the largest box I can get. They work out to be much cheaper than even going to Costco & they are just as good as Huggies in my opinion! — Angela from MT

Save those old baby-wipes containers. They make great storage containers for crayons, markers, etc. Mom can use them in the bathroom to store makeup, cotton balls and Q-tips, combs, etc.

I used to buy Pull-ups for my 3 year old to wear at night and diapers for my son. (He was in a size 3) I talked to my neighbor and she said that she buys just one size diaper for her two year old and infant. So I started buying size 4 diapers and both of my kids fit in them. We save so much money now since we don’t buy Pull-ups! — Amy

Use cloth wipes warmed in a wipe warmer. At $5 for package of 15 they are very frugal, plus you can use them over and over again.

Blanket sleepers are so expensive. Buy them when they are half price, in most places this is January. Make sure you buy ones that are a couple of sizes too big and without the feet. Then you can roll up the sleeves and the legs and your child can wear them for a long time without wearing them out. — Brenda from OH

I love the sales at BabyGap. I have saved hundreds of dollars and my daughter is only 21 months old. I only buy what is on sale. I can get two or three outfits for the price of one reg. priced. I also shop at even with shipping, you save a lot. I really love their clothes and they hold up well with the little ones. I have saved every piece of clothing from BG in the event I have another little girl. I also bought some clothes that would work either way so that if I have a boy next time he can wear some of them. — Angela from MI

One of the best money savers I invested in for my baby was inexpensive washcloths. I bought about 3 or 4 dozen white, and 3 or 4 dozen white with stripes. The white ones we used as baby wipes. We used cloth diapers, so we just tossed them in the diaper pail with the diapers. The striped ones we used at mealtime for face wipes. My son is now 5 and we’re still using the face wipes. — Cheryll from OH

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  2. This is a really great list of tips! I always keep my wipes containers and turn them into activities for my toddler. Pinterest always has a lot of great ideas for reusing household items and wipes containers are really helpful. I think you can save a lot of money on diapers with Amazon Mom as well as stacking coupons at Target. You should never pay more than 2 cents per baby wipe and I’ve heard good things about the Kirkland wipes at Costco but I buy mine on Amazon for less than 2 cents per wipe.
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