Reader Strategies for Shopping at Sam’s Club

sam's club storefront reader tips

Membership Fee

I work in a very small office.  We team up with another office in the same building and become secondary members on their membership and split the fees.  This way, we all save money on the memberships.  I always use my Sam’s Club card for the cheapest gas in the area.  However, inside the store you really have to know what is a good price, because sometimes Wal-Mart is cheaper or around the same price.  Usually their in-store rebates are the best deals you can find, and they even print out a separate receipt for the rebate item to send in for your rebate check. It is very convenient! — Lori from KS

I live in a small town so the closest Sam’s Club is an hour away so when I go, I stock up!   The main reason I have a Sam’s card is that I am a ‘secondary’ cardholder on a friend’s card.   He pays for a business membership and my card only costs $10 a year to maintain.   Before we moved here I was one of the secondary members on my church’s card.   If you have friends with Sam’s cards, it may be cheaper to see if you can get a membership on their card. — Beckye from AK

I really like the Members Mark store brand products from Sam’s Club. I hate the annual fee.. I have found that if I use my Discover Card to pay for all of my Sam’s Club purchases and then pay it off each month then each year I get back enough from Discover to pay my Sam’s Club membership. I only use my Discover Card at Sam’s Club… and paying in full is a must or no savings will be achieved! — Mona from VA

Take a Buddy

Sam’s Club is my favorite place to shop.  Many of the best bargains come in large quantities.  Find yourself a shopping buddy with which to split things.  Some items that can really save a lot in doing this are soy sauce, olive oil, mustard, mayonnaise, etc.  A gallon will often cost less than 2 small containers at the grocery store.  Spices are another example. Any price that ends in .91 is a closeout that is selling for less than Sam’s paid for it.  I have a Christmas stash of things I have bought from the .91’s that were magnificent bargains.  The day after Christmas, all of the gift baskets, Christmas items, and many of the toys all are marked half off.  Sam’s carries high quality merchandise at the best prices I have ever found.  Tires, batteries, appliances, mattresses, electronics, film, etc.  Much more than just groceries.  If Sam’s has it, I buy it there and save all that time shopping for the best price at other places. — Brenda from KY


Their gas!  The gas prices at Sam’s Club typically runs at least 3-5 cents per gallon cheaper the others. With my vehicle alone, the savings surpasses the cost of our annual membership fee.  Plus, my husband fills his car up at Sam’s as much as possible. — Adelle from TX

Our local Sam’s Club has a gas station which sells discounted gasoline to members.  You scan your membership card, scan your debit/credit card at the pump.  I routinely get 91 octane fuel for the price of 85 octane at regular stations.  My car runs better and I’ve spent no more than for the cheap stuff! — Lisa from CO


I love Sam’s. We have our business acct. so it pays for me to shop free and I get all the deals. The best is the close out items. They will always end in a 1. Such as 3.91. That is the final markdown. I have gotten so many deals in food and clothing, Christmas decorations, movies, books, housewares, every dept. has markdowns. I just bought 2 market umbrellas, hunter green for 12.91 ea. All the summer items are on markdown right now. Happy Sam’s Shopping! Check out their website too, it has markdowns. — Mary from AZ


I bought my furniture at Sam’s Club- a couch, a loveseat, an ottoman, and an oversized chair- for $999.  Now, I know I could have garage sale shopped or flea market and maybe found them cheaper- but not brand new!  Plus, my husband is so happy to have at least some of our furniture to be ours from the first! — Natalie from AK


We shop at Sam’s club roughly once a month and buy all of our meat and dry food purchases.  We freeze the meat (we have two freezers) and it takes us about two months to eat all of the food.  It has been a huge savings for us.  We also buy the produce there which is an incredible bargain compared to many grocers–the only drawback being  you tend to waste it if  you don’t eat it all since you get so much for your money.  For big families this is awesome!!! — Shannon from MN

When my children were small, we did not have a membership as we just didn’t need such large quantities of stuff.  But now that my kids are 13,11&8, they eat me out of house and home.  I like to have quick, convenient foods that my boys can just heat up themselves, so I buy the Red Baron individual pizzas and a box of EasyMac.  Some would say that the EasyMac is a waste of good money since you really can cook reg. mac and cheese in the micro., but the EasyMac packets are just right for one serving and easy for everyone to help themselves to. In the regular stores, EasyMac is nearly $4.00 for 8 packs…Sam’s sells them at $5.99 for 18.  A significant savings.  I also buy the 2-loaf pkg. of French Bread and make baked French toast dishes and small subs from it.  It is only $1.79 for 2 and is very fresh and yummy.  — Lori from MI