Muffin Tin Monday: Birthday Muffin Tin Meal

This week is Maggie’s fourth birthday, so we took a break from our colors themes and I put together a special Birthday muffin tin meal for her lunch.  She thought it was pretty special at least!  To go along with her birthday sprinkles, we made a muffin tin meal using something from each color of the rainbow.  Starting at the bottom right of the muffin tin:

  • Red: strawberry and cream cheese roll-up
  • Orange: carrot (she still likes to eat them whole)
  • Yellow: bell peppers
  • Green: rainbow sprinkle cupcake in a green muffin cup (I was practicing the cake recipe to use for her party.  I put the sprinkles on top of the batter, so I could forgo frosting.)
  • Blue: black olives in a blue mini ice cube tray with a skewer to eat with
  • Purple: “purple drink” (Crystal Light)

Maggie didn’t like the strawberry and cream cheese roll up as much as I thought she would, but she ate everything else.  Once again, she enjoyed helping me select the foods and picking appropriate items for each color in the muffin tin meal.

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