We are headed out of town today, so I wasn’t planning to do a Muffin Tin Meal this week, until I got a package from my cousin with these adorable muffin tin liners and picks.  I had to use them!

We had some fresh that needed to be used up before our trip, so I made a and lunch tin.  I called Maggie in to choose the picks she wanted to use.  She was so excited about this tin and happily arranged the picks while I got Dalton’s lunch ready.

I was afraid to use picks for the baby, so he got boring old flower muffin cups for his fruit, and a plastic fork to stab it with.

Here is what our Fruit ‘n’ Yogurt muffin tin meal had:

  • sliced bananas
  • Starburst jelly beans (also from my awesome cousin!)
  • mango chunks
  • apple chunks
  • mango yogurt with sprinkles
  • cantaloupe chunks (musk melon)

For some reason, neither of my kids will touch bananas.  I even tried putting sprinkles on Dalton’s banana slices.  He picked off every single one.

Maggie ate everything but the bananas and some of the mango, which Dalton happily finished off.

Oh, and yes I know this isn’t a complete meal.  We also had homemade pretzels with it!

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