Muffin Tin Monday: Madagascar Muffin Tin Meal ‘The Wild!’

My 4 year old daughter is very into pretend play, and lately she likes to pretend we are going on trips. This week, we went on a “trip” to The Wild! per the movie Madagascar. We did several activities and games and went swimming, then we had a Madagascar Muffin Tin Meal for lunch.

Muffin Tin Meal: Madagascar, The Wild

Our Madagascar Muffin Tin Meal included:

  • seaweed on a stick (lettuce and carrot sticks)
  • apple stars
  • goldfish
  • steak (these are strawberry heart marshmallows)
  • canned tuna
  • ranch dip for the seaweed

Maggie loved it and ate everything, except she didn’t finish the fish.

Here’s one of the activities we did.  My husband drew a giraffe head and neck.  I stuck it on the wall and measured the against it.  They thought this “game” was great, and kept measuring each other all day long.  You can also see in this picture that Maggie has “hippo hair”.

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