Impressions One Week After Getting My 21 Day Fix Starter Pack and Trying Shakeology

So it’s been a week since I got my Package and started drinking Shakeology.

Since then I have spent time reading the 21 Day Fix Eating Plan and trying to become familiar with the program, the details, and the expectations.  I have to admit that it’s a little overwhelming at first.  I mean it’s a lot to remember and the list of what you can can’t eat it pretty specific.  I have also taken to Facebook to ask others about their experiences and specifics about what I can and can’t eat  Basically, most things in the center aisle of the grocery store are out.  If do you eat something from those aisles, it needs to have clear and basic ingredients.  For example:  peanut butter needs to just be peanuts and salt.

Here are some things that I have to have figured out that have to happen if I’m going to be successful during my 21 Day Fix after Labor Day (and the reason I’m waiting to start it):

  1. I have to have a really clear idea of what I can and can’t eat.  I don’t want to have to flip through my eating plan booklet constantly while making my shopping list. (already half completed this goal)
  2. I have to fully memorize what each container is for and the container sizes.  I’ve actually found that making clean eating recipes and having to sit and convert the servings into container sizes really does help.  (mostly completed this goal).
  3. I have to continue to figure out ways to substitute foods I like for clean eating foods.  Example:  I LOVE ranch dressing and carrots.  The OBI ranch dressing on the Clean Eating Dressings list is so good!  That’s not even a sacrifice.  (working on this)
  4. I have to thoroughly become familiar with the resources listed below.
  5. I have to ask questions about anything I don’t understand to make sure it’s clear.
  6. I have to really want to do this.

Here are some resources that I have bookmarked:

On the other front, the taste of the Shakeology has kind of grown on me.  I’ve been skipping the Gatorade and drinking herbal iced tea.  I’ve also been reducing the amount of agave syrup I put into the pitcher every day.  Now I’m down to unsweetened tea (I don’t like drinking regular water) and I really like it.  It’s amazing that I’ve changed my tastebuds so much in just a week!  Do I feel more energy?  Not really but that’s only because my kids are home for the summer and I never sleep well.  I’m hoping that during the 21 Day Fix, that will change with the clean eating and heavy exercising. RSCN6126

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