Organize Your Gift Giving with a Spreadsheet

gift giving spreadsheet holiday budget

The holidays are approaching… will you be ready?  This year, consider creating a gift spreadsheet with every gift, occasion and recipient listed – everyone from grandmas to babysitters and coaches.

Start with your holiday budget, then work backwards to allocate spending to each person on your list.  If you create your spreadsheet in Google docs,  you can use an app such as Docs2 to access it on your smartphone no matter where you are; including shopping in the stores.

That’s when the fun begins… finding great deals!  (Check out our recently posted frugal Christmas Gift Ideas).  When you do find a great gift at the right price, check it off your list and put it in your gift stash. When you need it, you can simply pull it out of the box!

This idea originally appeared in this post:  Organizing Your Gift Giving to Save


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