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Kimberly Danger is the founder of, a nationally recognized household savings expert, and author of three books 1000 Best Baby Bargains, (Sourcebooks, 2005), The Complete Book of Baby Bargains: 1,000+ Best Ways to Save Money Every Day (Sourcebooks, 2010) and Instant Bargains: 600+ Ways to Shrink Your Grocery Bills and Eat Well for Less (Sourcebooks, 2010).

Mommysavers in the Media:  Kimberly Danger of has been featured as a money saving expert in the news and on morning shows in Philadelphia, Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Detroit, Boston, Cleveland, San Diego, Sacramento, Baltimore, Miami, Seattle, St. Louis, Atlanta, Chicago, Nashville, Phoenix, Dallas, Hartford, New Haven, Indianapolis and in her home state of Minnesota.  She has appeared nationally on Daytime, Better TV and The Daily Buzz.  In 2011, she shared her money-saving tips with Anderson Cooper.  She has shared segments on baby bargains, organization, savvy shopping strategies, back to school, and saving money during the holidays.

Kimberly Danger has worked with as their Family Savings Expert, Uniroyal Tire as spokesperson for their More Mileage for Your Money campaign, and with Kmart as a Playdate Place blogger.  In 2010, she was recognized by CNN/Money Magazine as their Best Online Consumer Expert.  She has also worked on national campaigns for Tide, Sprint Mobile, and Shell.  She has experience with RMTs, SMTs, ANRs, in-studio media tours, matte releases and web videos.  Her interviews and tips have appeared in other newspapers and national magazines such as:

*All You
*Woman’s Day
*Woman’s World
*Real Simple
*First for Women
*Women’s Health and Fitness
*Everyday with Rachael Ray
*Budget Living
*Quick & Simple

Media Requests: Kimberly has provided dozens of expert interviews with radio stations, TV stations, newspapers and magazines on the subject of saving time and money.  She is happy to provide interviews as a frugal expert and put out casting calls to her reader database.  Mommysavers members have been featured on national TV programs such as Wife Swap and CBS’s The Early Show.

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