Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for Kids

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for Kids | Mommysavers.com

Last year, our family participated in the Mommysavers 31 Days of RAKs Challenge.  We challenged all four of us to commit one RAK each day and report back on it at dinnertime.  While it was relatively easy for my husband and I to think of , the ideas for the were a little bit more of a challenge.

With the help of the Mommysavers Forum members, I’ve come up with a list to help you and your kids get started on your path to spreading kindness…. one act at a time.

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for Kids

  • Pack extra treats in their lunch to give to friends at school
  • Offer to replace something worn out at school (such as a flag, pictured above)
  • When you go to the library, place a $1 bill in a library book for the next child that checks it out
  • Write a letter to a relative or friend that lives far away
  • Give a box of unused toys to a younger friend or neighbor
  • Call Grandma/Grandpa just to say “hi”
  • Make a card for a teacher
  • Offer to walk the dog of an elderly neighbor
  • Send a care package to someone in the military (here are some resources if you don’t know anyone)
  • Bring in needed supplies for the classroom
  • As a family, volunteer as a foster family for a kitten or dog at the Humane Society
  • Bring flowers or cookies to the neighbors
  • On trash day, bring the cans back up to the neighbors’ garage after the truck has gone by
  • Leave “wishing pennies” near a fountain
  • Hold the door open for other kids at school
  • Buy a big box of freezer pops and hand them out to the kids in the neighborhood
  • Bring May Day Baskets to neighbors

Many of these ideas came to us courtesy of our forum members!  See more here:  Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for Kids

Want to participate in the 31 Days of RAKs Challenge?  We want you to join us!

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