Saving Money on American Girl Dolls and Accessories

saving money on american girl dolls and accessories

American Girl Dolls are always a popular items on little girls’ Christmas wish lists.  However, they can be outrageously expensive!  With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can provide these “dream gifts” without breaking the bank.

American Girl Dolls

Let’s start at the beginning.  First, you need a doll.  The American Girl dolls themselves run about $110 each and include the signature outfit and a book.  Before making this purchase, there are some things I would consider:

  • What is the age of the child you are buying the doll for?
  • What is the responsibility level of the child?
  • How much do they really want this doll?

The recommended age is 8+.  However, many younger girls love those dolls.  I think it’s important to consider whether or not the little girl you are for actually really cares about the actual brand, doll, or character.  Will she take care of the doll or will it get thrown under a bed after all of its hair is cut off?  If you’re unsure, there are alternative 18-inch dolls available.  While they aren’t the quality and characters of the official dolls, they are a fraction of the price.  You may want to consider one of those before “graduating” to an actual American Girl doll.

Frugal American Girl Doll Alternatives

  • Target’s line of Our Generation Dolls are $22.99.  They can be purchased online or in Target stores. You will also be able to find specials and packages closer to the holiday season.
  • Walmart’s like of My Life Dolls are $27.97.  Those too are available in stores and online.
  • The Toys-R-Us line of Journey Girl dolls are $32.99 and available in stores and online.
  • Madame Alexander dolls give you more of a “collector” look while still costing much less.  You can find those dolls starting at $54.95

Each of these brands offer many different styles and looks of dolls so that you can find one that suits your little girl best.

American Girl Doll Play Sets and Accessories

This is where the real price negotiations take place.  Most doll vendors and toy stores offer clothing and accessories to fit 18-inch dolls.  If there is a specific set that catches your eye on the American Girl website, do some research!  Similar play sets can most likely be found much less at Target, Walmart, and Toys-R-Us.

Amazon also has a pretty large selection of clothing, accessories, and doll furniture designed to fit 18-inch dolls.  If you do a price comparison, you could save up to 50-75% less than similar items found at the American Girl website.

There are large displays of clothing that fit American Girl dolls at Michael’s craft stores. Michael’s frequently has coupons available for 40% off one regular-priced item.  Sign up for their email list and you can get coupons sent to your inbox or download their smartphone app.  Some moms even have their own shops for their handmade American Girl Doll clothing and accessories.

Zulily also sometimes features deals on Dollie & Me and Ann Loren matching outfits for 18-inch dolls and girls.  Sign up for their emails and you will know when the next sale will be. is another great place to look for Dollie & Me.

That isn’t to say you should completely count out the “real” American Girl items as being too expensive.  In fact, you can find some great deals on matching girl/doll clothing, accessories, furniture sets, craft sets, and more.  You can actually save up to 70% in their online sale department.  It can be hit or miss; so it’s best to check frequently.  Jill’s Steals and Deals on the NBC Today Show will occasionally will offer a limited-time only coupon code for American Girl doll packages as well – but those deals only come around a few times a year.

Also, don’t forget about Ebay and Craigslist.  There, you may be able to find new and gently used American Girl dolls, clothing and accessories.

Here on the Mommysavers blog we also keep you up-to-date with recent American Girl Doll Deals (bookmark this page and check back frequently).

American Girl Doll “Extras”

Girls who love the American Girl doll brand can also find really great deals on books, puzzles, games, crafts, and more at many stores that are easy to find in your local area.

Book stores like Barnes and Noble and Books a Million (BAM) carry actual American Girl items.  You can find mini-dolls, craft kits, pets, books, and more.

Costco and Sam’s Club carry books, craft kits, and mini-dolls as well.  Check out the table full of books and you will most likely see some.  They change product offerings frequently, so keep checking back for new items.

Target carries American Girl books, movies, and more.

Also, be sure to check the clearance shelves at any stores you happen to be in that carry American Girl items.  I have seen American Girl books on clearance in the past.

DIY American Girl Doll Clothing and Accessories

Making your own American Girl items is also an option.  Sometimes you don’t even have to be super-crafty or an expert sewer.  Sometimes all you need is cardboard, markers, scissors and a glue gun.  Check out all our other tips for Homemade Clothes, Furniture and American Girl Doll Accessories.

Also, check out this easy American Girl Hopscotch game.  Little girls can easily make this themselves!

American Girl Doll FYI…

If you happen to purchase an American Girl doll and there is some damage done, don’t worry.  There is a solution:  American Girl has a Doll Hospital.  For $28 + $7.95 shipping, they will brush the hair and clean the skin of the doll.  They will also send her home in a hospital gown.  There are also other options in which hair, limbs, and body parts can be replaced.  This is a great alternative to buying a replacement doll.  Or,  you can try our DIY to fix tangled doll hair.

Green Coinstar kiosks can be found at grocery stores everywhere.  They usually charge a fee for cashing in coins.  However, they wave the fees if you trade in your coins for a select e-certificate.  Included in the options are Amazon and Toys-R-Us.  Plus, Coinstar sometimes runs promotions where you can get a FREE $10 voucher when you cash in $50 worth of coins for an e-certificate.  It’s basically getting a $10 gift certificate for FREE!  Who knew that you could cash in your coins and purchase doll clothing and accessories for your 18-inch dolls?  Sign up for their emails so you don’t miss a promotion.

The whole idea is to make your favorite little girls happy.  They aren’t going to care how or where you find their American Girl dolls, they are just going to love them.  That’s the important thing to remember.


    • Michelle says

      i believe the my life dolls from walmart are the closet. their eyes open and close just like the AG dolls. my daughter has a Journey Girl and her eyes stay open.

  1. Tracy P says

    Oshkosh, Wisconsin has the one and only AG outlet store in the world. They do not carry the dolls but they do carry doll cloths as well as girl cloths, furniture, accessories, books, pretty much everything but dolls. It is like any outlet store, the inventory changes often and sometimes you will find extremely good deals other times not so much.

  2. Julie says

    I know that the question was asked over a year ago, but on the hairbrush topic…we bought a wig comb at a beauty supply store for just a few dollars. (If I remember right, I think it was about $2.00-$3.00.) I would not use a plastic comb on an American Girl doll. If you don’t want to spend the $8 or $9 for the American Girl comb (and I would not) I would still make sure to get a wig comb.

    Thank you for the Zulily tip on the Dollie and Me clothes! My daughter really wants an outfit to match her doll and those are great prices.

  3. Priscilla says

    FYI ~ Every July, the Madison Children’s Museum in Madison Wi teams up the American Girl for a benefit sale. It is returns and seconds of American Girl Dolls. The dolls are in fantastic shape, in their box and brand new. They sell them cheaper than going through American Girl. I bought Ivy for $30 and a Bitty Twin for $25. The sale has books, clothing and accessories. Plus a craft sale outside. The museum sells tickets for saturday and Sunday is first come first served and marked down further. Just thought I tell you about it for another way to save $

  4. eac says

    Zulily sometimes has the Madame Alexander “Dollie & Me” dolls for reasonable prices as well–My daughter’s was $25. Their eyes close and they are very, very close to American Girl dolls. This is our practice doll to see if she can take care of a “nice” doll.

  5. Jean says

    You can check eBay for great deals on doll clothes. I sell handmade knitted sweater sets (starting bid = 25 cents) and dresses (around a dollar).

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