Semi-Homemade Recipes: 60+ Quick, Easy, and Delicious Dishes

60+ Semi-Homemade RecipesOur Mommysavers Frugal Living Forum members are known to share some really great .  Here is a compiled list of tried-and-true semi-homemade that are quick, easy, and delicious.

Rotisserie Chicken

Leftover rotisserie chicken is great for soups, stews, casseroles, salads, and even dips.

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Pre-packaged Meatballs

You could easily make Amazing Homemade Meatballs at home, but buying the pre-packaged bags makes a delicious meal light work.  Here are some ways to use them:

What do you do with prepackaged meatballs?


Pre-made Mashed Potatoes 

Ready-made mashed potatoes can be found in the deli department or in the refrigerated section of your grocery store.  They can be “doctored” with seasonings, cheese, veggies, meat, and other ingredients.  They can also be used for casseroles and other recipes.

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Frozen Hash Browns

Frozen hash browns (either shredded or cubed) are great for soups and casseroles and are a MAJOR time-saver.

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Pre-made Pizza Dough

You can usually find pre-made pizza dough in plastic bags in the deli or the frozen department.  They are usually available in white or wheat.

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Pillsbury Biscuits

Pillsbury Biscuits are found in the dairy/refrigerated department of your supermarket.  Whether you buy Pillsbury Biscuits or the store brand, they’re fun to turn into other tasty creations.

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Pre-made Pie Crust

Pre-made pie crust is another big time-saver.  It’s also a great product for someone who struggles with making their own crusts at home.

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Pre-made Cookie Dough

The ready-to-bake cookie dough is found in the refrigerated department.  You can also buy mixes in the baking aisle.

Chocolate Chip


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Cake Mix

Cake mixes are really great recipe starters!  You can easily make fancy and flavorful bakery-style cakes.  Plus, cake mix cookie recipes have all sorts of amazing flavors and variations.

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Here are even MORE  Semi-Home Recipes that our members of shared.

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