Ways to Promote Your Website or Blog on Mommysavers.com

If you’re a blogger, you know that marketing your blog is just as important, if not more important, than posting regularly.  At , we offer several opportunities for bloggers to promote their sites.  Here are several ways can help you spread the word about your blog and help send traffic your way:

In the Forum:

Posting in Our Networking Forum
The Mommysavers Networking Group is designed to allow active members in good standing the opportunity to showcase their home businesses, product offerings, voting opportunities and survey/referral programs to other members of the Mommysavers community. By joining the Mommysavers Networking group, you’ll be granted permission to post classified ads in our Networking Forum.  Visit our Networking Forum HERE

Your Forum Signature
You may include a link to your blog in your forum signature link long as you place a reciprocal link back to Mommysavers on your page.  With this, every forum post you make will display your blog link, so post often to maximize exposure! Details here: Signature “Siggy” Linking Policy + Self Promotion Rules

In the Blog:

Participating in Our Link-Ups
In the future, Mommysavers will be hosting more and more “link-ups” which will give bloggers the opportunity to feature their own similar blog entries on our site.  Here is an example of a recent See How I Saved Saturday Link-Up.

If you are a WordPress blogger and mention a specific Mommysavers blog entry URL in your post, a pingback will automatically be posted on our site linking it to your blog post.  If you see a deal here you want to share, simply post Thanks, Mommysavers! at the bottom of your blog entry with a link to our post, and you’ll be posting your link on our site at the same time.  Here’s an example with a pingback from Freebie Cravings.

Commenting on Blog Entries
By leaving your comment on our blog entries, you’ll also given the opportunity to leave a link to your most recent blog entry.  Just check the “Comment Luv” button as seen here:

Grab Our Button!


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