Shop Your Dollar Store for Halloween Costume Accessories

Princess Halloween Costume

Don’t overspend on Halloween accessories for you child’s costume this year.   Skip the discount and costumes stores and instead head to The Dollar Tree.  They have a wide assortment of accessories for pirates, knights, princesses, and many other popular costume themes.   You’ll find tiaras, swords, shields, and other great costume add-ons like the ones we have pictured here.    My son (pictured below) put together his entire knight costume for just $5.  Not only that, they’re also a good source for party decorations, candy, cards, and anything else Halloween-related.

Pirate Halloween Costume Accessories
Knight Halloween Costume Idea
Knight Halloween Costume Accessories


  1. jenn scott says

    i really really would like to find the knight costume from the dollar tree the shield helmet chest armour and the sword i have looked but can’t fing them thankyou

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