S’mores Recipes (Ooey, Gooey Goodness)

s'mores recipesS’mores

S’mores are the go-to dessert when having campfires they are ooey, gooey and the creations are endless! Now you can have them anytime of the year with these yummy S’mores Recipes that are for bars, brownies, pancakes and more.

(Take your basic s’more making ingredients and add peanuts and fudge brownie mix to whip up a dessert that is extra YUMMY)

(This version of s’more making involves using your grill. Let the kids get creative and add any type of meltable candy along with colored marshmallows for extra fun)

(These are just like a little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pie – Our forum member “mommy2mercedes” claims that these are disgustingly good using peanut butter cookies)

(Bananas, chocolate and strawberry marshmallows – OH MY!!! The next best thing next to having a real banana split)

(This recipe is a definite winner! You can’t go wrong with marshmallow creme and brownie mix)

(Graham cracker crumbs, chocolate chips and marshmallow creme – Kids will love these or anyone with a sweet tooth!)

(This recipe is great for those rainy days and only takes 15-20 seconds to make)

(A new twist on an old-classic using peanut butter cups. Using white peanut butter cups is really good also)

(Ooey, gooey, delicious and only require a few pantry staple ingredients. Plus, you can get creative using different flavored and colored M&M’s)

(This version is super simple using just 2 ingredients and the yummy candy that’s used is caramel.)

More S’mores Recipe Ideas:

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