Starting the Back to Basics Challenge TODAY!


I explained on Friday that I’m starting a 30 Day Back to Basics Challenge today.  It’s really just a simpler, easier way to do a than just jumping right into it.  Those that signed up are connected through a private Facebook group where we can communicate.  It’s larger than the typical 5 person challenge groups.  Today we just did basic introductions.  Throughout the week I expect tips, ideas, and meal plans to be passed around.  Then we take out body measurements and start our on Monday.

I have been switching to these past couple of weeks.  I can’t say completely because I’ve had a slice of pizza or two and dessert a few times.  My real goal has been to really examine what I’m eating.  I haven’t lost any weight because I really haven’t been worrying about portion control, nor have I been working out daily.  However I have felt better as a whole.  I’m still having trouble sleeping but that will get better when the weather cools off.  Even so, I’m not as tired and run down as I usually am.  Many days I wake up thinking about when the next time I’ll be able to catch a nap is.  That’s not a way to live.  But just eating better foods and being better hydrated has helped quite a bit.

I also took several days off Shakeology because I wanted to see the difference in how I feel.  So last week I went without.  Now I’m back on it and instead of regular milk, I drank vanilla with vanilla almond milk and it was really tasty!  Tip:  Blend it REALLY well or it’s gritty.  Otherwise it’s good and it didn’t require a blender.

In thinking about my personal challenges for the 21 Day Fix Challenge, there are a few areas that I realized will be hard for me:

  • Cutting back on the healthy fats.  I LOVE cheese.  I also LOVE avocado sprinkled with lime juice as a snack. I also love peanut butter (natural, just peanuts and salt) and honey.  The issue is that during the challenge, I can only have the equivalent of 1/2 avocado OR 2 string cheese a day.  I can also only have a couple teaspoons of peanut butter a day.  So that’s going to be hard.
  • Finding new and interesting ways to get my vegetables besides raw, steamed, or in a salad.  I like vegetables, I just really like carrots with clean eating ranch dip and celery with peanut butter.  Problem is that it’s I’m going to be allowed to have a limited number each day.  I wrote about Yummy Ways to Get Fruits and Veggies but I’m going to have to come up with more to keep me from getting bored.
  • Working out daily.  I’m kind of a pill when it comes to this because I have all of the resources and more than most people have.  I have the 21 Day Fix DVDs but I also belong to the community center.  There is a nice pool and work out room.  Plus my membership means FREE classes of all sorts from Zumba, to Yoga, to Spinning.  I actually like Zumba a lot.  However I get overheated really easily.  My face also gets really HOT and kind of hurts.  My doctor told me it’s genetic…it’s just blood rushing to my face, or something.  I don’t know.  All I know is that I hate that feeling.  I think that’s why my favorite form of working out is shoveling snow.  It feels good to use my muscles and I never get too hot.  I know I’m weird but what can I say?  One of my best friends is good at working out every day at the community center and she is going to help me get my butt in gear.
  • Hydration is going to be hard.  Yes I have been better at that lately.  At the same time, if I’m working out I’m going to need to hydrate more.  I’m just not a water drinker.  I used to drink 1-2 Gatorades every single day.  Now I’m down to unsweetened herbal iced tea.  I think that’s what I’m going to stick with.
  • Eating so many times a day.  When school is in and we are rushing in the morning, I generally get the kids out the door and run errands.  I’m going to have to be better at planning snacks so I’m eating to keep my metabolism up. I’m also going to have to have a plan after I work out because I’m always starving (which is why I’m NOT going to work out in the evenings).

So as you can see, I’m progressing but I have a lot to work on.  My work is pretty much cut out for me!

Below is a picture of the TAZO Tea Iced Citrus Bliss.  They are pitcher sized tea bags.  I make a gallon pitcher every couple days.  It oddly tastes like “Sun Tea” but without the caffeine.  I love it!


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