40+ Stocking Stuffers for Men

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My husband and I actually have a tradition of stuffing stockings for each other.  You would be amazed at all of the good stuff that fits into a stocking.  It’s kind of a fun competition because we always try to outdo each other.  There is a lot of “trash talking” this time of year about how, “I got you the BEST gift today…I’m totally going to win!”  It’s all in good fun and the best part is that we work really hard getting gifts that will make the other person happy.  A lot of thought goes into these stockings.  So really it’s a win-win for both of us.  Here are a bunch of for men.

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Touch Screen Gloves:  These are so practical these days yet you don’t really think about them until the moment you need them.  My hubs is getting these this year.  Shh…don’t tell him!

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Iron Man Flash Drive: This is really cool!  The eyes light up when activated.  My husband got this a couple years ago and he loved it!

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Avengers Age of Ultron Thor Hammer Key Chain:  This picture from Amazon is terrible but the keychain itself is very nice and detailed.  It also has some weight to it.

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$100 Bill Toilet Paper:  I got this for my dad a couple years ago and he loved it!

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Mini Gumball Machine:  My husband is also getting one of these this year.  I’m going to fill it with M&Ms.

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Batman Begins/Dark Knight Rises Decal:  This one currently sits in the rear window of my husband’s car.

Here are more ideas that can be customized to the taste of your favorite guys.

Food Ideas

  • gum
  • beef jerky
  • flavored hot sauce
  • chocolate covered pretzels
  • chocolate covered bacon
  • flavored popcorn
  • mints
  • gourmet mustard of cheese sauce
  • package of peanut or almonds, etc.
  • gourmet coffee or hot chocolate samples

Non-Food Ideas

  • fast food gift card
  • keychain
  • flash drive
  • beany hat
  • gloves
  • scarf
  • phone case
  • money clip
  • wallet
  • mini-LEGO set
  • action figures
  • silly putty
  • ornament
  • manly body wash (my husband likes the hair and body wash because it saves time)
  • ear buds
  • shot glass
  • sports memorabilia
  • car decals
  • car care supplies
  • office supplies
  • pocket knife
  • hand warmers
  • golf balls
  • chapstick
  • cuff links
  • ornament
  • shaving cream
  • body wash
  • manly lotion

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