Sugar Cone Christmas Trees

This is an easy project and would be fun for big and little kids alike to work on over /Winter break.    Thanks to 2bearsmom for sharing this idea!  If you’d like to share an idea with us email it so:  sydney @ (no spaces).


1 paper towel or plate
1 plastic knife or craft stick
1 sugar cone
1 graham cracker square
2 tablespoons mini M&Ms *
1 teaspoon sprinkles
2 tablespoons green frosting (just add food coloring to white icing)
1 tablespoon white frosting

*you can use almost any candy but the min M&Ms represent ornaments the best


Place graham cracker square on plate
Frost graham cracker with white frosting to represent snow
Place sugar cone upside down on frosted graham cracker
Frost sugar cone with green frosting
Decorate the tree! (Stick candies and sprinkles onto green frosting as ornaments and Christmas lights)


  1. 2bearsmom says

    Please forgive the picture- that tree was made at school by very proud little hands that had a long car ride home!

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