Summer Holiday Picnic and the 21 Day Fix


So it figures that I planned my during Labor Day (when I plan on hosting a picnic), a weekend trip to the beach, and my birthday!

For me it’s not about depriving myself, it’s about making conscious choices.  I co-hosted a picnic with some friends of ours at their house.  Our main food options included: grilled chicken, corn on the cob, and melon.  I knew people would be bringing yummy stuff so I promised would focus on the three healthy items and just taste the other stuff.

So right when the picnic started, I made sure I ate enough chicken, corn, and fruit so that I was no longer hungry.  That is so important when resisting temptation at a party or picnic!  It’s key!  Kind of like not going to the grocery store hungry, don’t be at a party hungry because you will over-eat!

As guests trickled in, people brought all sorts of stuff.  What I was really interested in was this homemade macaroni salad, stuffed shells, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and homemade chocolate peanut butter kandy cake (Pennsylvania thing).  I literally sampled those items.  Whatever my normal natural portion would have been, I consciously cut it in half.  I also picked the smaller cookie on the plate. I don’t feel like I was deprived at all!

The main temptations were the leftovers.  The people who brought the mac salad made tons.  They wanted us to take some home but much to my husband’s dismay, I refused.  I also refused to take the chocolate PB cake home as well.  That was hard for me to do.

Did I totally clean eat?  No.  Did I eat a bit more than I would during a normal meal.  No, because I was there for 5 hours and spread out my eating so I wasn’t stuffed.  Did I stick to my personal goals and resist the temptations to deviate?  YES!  I did!  That’s the important part, I made goals and stuck to them.

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