Super Bowl Kids Craft: Newspaper Pom Poms

Here’s a last minute craft to make with your for the : Newspaper Pom Poms! Reuse newspaper to make this and recycled craft so your kids can cheer on their team during the Super Bowl. These newspaper pom poms would be especially cute if you reused the comic pages!  There are four simple steps to making a newspaper pom pom.

1. Use several sheets of a folded section of the newspaper to make one pom pom.  Cut strips every 1/2 inch from the loose end.  Don’t cut all the way to the folded end.

2. Tightly roll the folded end of the newspaper section.

3. Secure with tape or a rubber band.

4. Cheer your team on!

These girls reused newspaper to make pom poms for a cricket match we attended today. I thought newspaper pom poms would make a great kids craft for the Super Bowl!  If you wanted, you could have your kids paint the newspaper in your teams colors before cutting the pom pom strips.

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