Saving Big Bucks at Aldi:  Supermarket Strategies
6 years ago

Saving Big Bucks at Aldi: Supermarket Strategies

I recently made my first trip to the brand new ALDI Grocery Store in my town.  I had big expectations – moms have been raving about ALDI on Mommysavers …
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The Aldi Gourmet: French Chicken for $5

At Aldi, whole chicken is just $.79 per pound. I picked up an entire 5+ pound bird for just $4.08 yesterday. Searching for ways to prepare it, I grabbed …
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Gourmet Cheese at Aldi

I really like Aldi (if you’re a seasoned Mommysavers Member you know that by now). As a frugal mom, it makes my life a lot easier by simplifying and …
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My $50 Aldi Meal Plan

By  •  Money, Food

Who says making nutritious meals for your family has to be expensive? It’s amazing what you can get for under $50 at Aldi. No clipping coupons required! On a …
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$6 Aldi Meal: Salmon, Broccoli and Vermicelli

Six dollars goes a LONG way at Aldi.  In fact, this entire meal came to just $5.67.  Salmon in the freezer section was on sale …
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