chocolate reindeer pretzels

Chocolate Reindeer Pretzels

You'll Need: Square pretzels Pretzel twists, cut in half Chocolate candy melts Wilton Candy Eyes Red M&Ms Preheat oven to 300 degrees.  Place the square pretzels on a cookie sheet. … [Read more...]

bacon chipotle crackers

Chipotle Bacon Crackers

Oooh my, I think I've just discovered a new favorite party appetizer!   I mean, who doesn't like bacon?  It's a definite crowd-pleaser.  Adding a little brown sugar and Chipotle Chile Powder makes … [Read more...]

summer snakcs for kids

Summer Snacks for Kids

Summer Snacks for Kids Here are some homemade Summer Snacks for Kids that will satisfy their hunger after playing outside, splashing in the pool, riding bike or any other energy-consuming activity! … [Read more...]

rice krispies easter eggs

Rice Krispies Easter Eggs

Rice Krispies Easter Eggs are an easy Easter treat to make and decorate with kids.  Use M&Ms in Easter colors, pastel Sixlets, or any other small candies you like. Rice Krispies Easter Eggs 3 … [Read more...]