Time-Saving Disney Tip: Rider Switch Pass

Disney Tips: Rider Switch Pass

Here is a great time-saving tip for parents taking young children to .

Disney Tip: Rider Switch Pass

Did you know that you can get a Rider Switch Pass for ANY Disney ride for which there is a height requirement?  This saves you from having to wait in line twice so each parent can go on the ride.  One of you waits in line while the other waits with the kids (or takes them on a kiddie ride).  Then, the other parent can get on the ride without waiting in the line again!

Disney Tip: Rider Switch Pass

This tip isn’t just for babies. Some rides have higher height requirements, or are too scary for elementary school kids as well.

Here’s how the Rider Switch Pass works:

  • Ask for a Rider Switch Pass as you enter the line.  You may need to have your entire party present.
  • After waiting in line and riding on the ride, give the pass to the other parent.  You can take one additional guest with you on the pass.  We often take turns taking our oldest child on a ride, while the other parent waits with our younger children.
  • Generally, you use the pass to enter the FastPass line, or the ride’s exit, avoiding waiting in line twice.
  • You CAN sometimes use the Rider Switch Pass in conjunction with Fast Passes.  Use Fast Passes the first time, then the Rider Switch.  This is helpful if you are taking the same person on the ride twice – if you used Fast Passes, you would only have one for that person.
  • Instructions for using the Rider Switch Pass are printed on the pass, or ask a cast member at the desk as you enter the line.

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