Uses for Baking Soda: 48 Unique Ideas

Uses for Baking Soda

Uses for Baking Soda:  48 Unique Ideas

Uses for Baking Soda: In Cooking

  • Don’t have baking powder? Check out this substitute HERE.
  • Easily make your own “Pedialyte.” Find the recipe HERE.
  • Mix a pinch of baking soda into tomato-based recipes to reduce the acid content.
  • Adding a 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to 3 eggs will make your omelets fluffier.
  • Have trouble digesting beans? Add some baking soda to the water when you rehydrate beans to make them easier to digest.
  • Baking soda and water is also a good solution for washing pesticides off your fruits and vegetables.
  • Also, soaking raw fish in baking soda and water in the fridge for an hour will help get rid of the “fishy smell.”

Uses for Baking Soda: Healthy and Beauty

  • Remove strong odors (like garlic) from your hands by scrubbing with baking soda and water.
  • Use baking soda in a recipe for a natural homemade deodorant.
  • Baking soda, coconut oil, and mint essentials oils make a nice homemade toothpaste.
  • Also, baking soda and coconut oil mixed together makes a nice facial scrub. Here are more uses for coconut oil.
  • Add a cup to bath water to relieve skin irritations and soften skin
  • Two table spoons mixed into your baby’s bathwater can relieve diaper rash.
  • Apply baking soda to insect bites, rashes, poison ivy, windburn, or sunburn for quick pain relief.
  • Apply it on jellyfish and bee stings to relieve pain.
  • Relieve heartburn by mixing a teaspoon of baking soda with 1/2 glass of water and drinking it. Use baking soda as a mouth wash to help relieve the pain of canker sores.
  • Add a teaspoon of baking soda to your vaporizer to relieve stuffiness.

Uses for Baking Soda: Purposes

  • Baking soda can be used to scrub, clean, deodorizer just several items and areas in your home: sinks, showers, bath tubs, pots and pans, fridge, garbage cans, shoes
  • Add a cup of baking soda to your toilet and swirl it around with a toilet brush. Let it sit for an hour and then flush it to get rid of germs and odor. It’s also good for your septic tank.
  • Use baking soda to dry clean carpets and furniture. Sprinkle baking soda on the fabric and gently brush it in. Leave it sit for an hour then vacuum it up.
  • Grease on your garage floor? Scatter some baking soda, scrub it, then vacuum it up.
  • Add 1/4 cup to your laundry (with the detergent) to help get your clothes cleaner. This is especially helpful with cloth diapers. Did you know that you can save a lot of money every year by making your own laundry detergent?
  • Deodorized your cutting board by scrubbing it with baking soda and then giving it a good rinse.
  • Add a spoonful to your dish water to help making scrubbing easier.
  • It’s also good for soaking pots and pans with burnt stuck on food.
  • Soak baby bottles in baking soda and hot water to clean and sanitize.
  • You can also soak combs and brushes to clean them as well.
  • Clean your coffee maker by running a baking soda and water mixture through it and then rinse.
  • Run an empty dishwasher with baking soda instead of dish detergent to give it a good clean.
  • A baking soda and water paste is good for cleaning and polishing cast iron, stainless steel, and chrome.
  • A paste can also be used to remove scratches from vinyl floors.
  • A baking soda paste is great for removing crayon marks from walls. Rub gently then wash it off with a clean damp cloth. Rubbing too hard could take off the paint.
  • A 1/4 cup of baking soda mixed with a quart of warm water can be used to clean your drains if done regularly. The same mixture also makes a good oven cleaner.
  • Baking soda can also be used to make a homemade “Drano.”
  • Stick an open box of baking soda in a cooler to keep odor and stale smells away. This of course also works in the fridge or freezer.

Uses for Baking Soda: Around the House

  • Put baking soda and perfumed bath salts into a sachet to keep your clothing in your drawers and closets smelling fresh.
  • Sprinkle in shoes and boots to get rid of odors.
  • Suck some baking soda into your vacuum cleaner to get rid of odors.
  • Adding baking soda to your litter box helps absorb odors.
  • Sprinkle a bit on baking soda onto your dog’s brush to help get rid of the “dog smell” and make their fur soft.
  • Putting baking soda under your sink and along basement window sills can repel ants.
  • Scattering baking soda around your garden will help prevent rabbits for eating your plants.
  • It’s rumored that mixing baking soda into the soil before planting tomatoes could make them sweeter! Please let us know if this one works!
  • Add a teaspoon of baking soda to the water in your flower vase to keep them fresh longer.
  • Keep baking soda handy to smother small fire from the stove or fire place.
  • Put some on a dry paper towel and wipe your windshield to repel rain.
  • Did you know that you can use baking soda to make homemade modeling clay.
  • Because of it’s many uses, take baking soda next time you go camping.  It can be used for, dish washing, tooth brushing, hand washing, and even a fire extinguisher.

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